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RG's fangroup

RG, a very talented guitarist with a great technical feeling, has moved S.T. on the next musical level.
I would like to pay tribute to him this way. This group is made for all Rocky's fans.
Thank you Rocky.
S.T. aren't S.T. without you...

1. Join The Army (1987)
2. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today (1988)
3. Controlled by Hatred/Feel Like Shit...Déjà Vu (1989)
4. Lights Camera ..Revolution! (1990)
5. The Art Of Rebellion (1992)
6. Suicidal For Life (1994)

ST-Pledge Your Allegiance-Live in Poland-Warszawa 30/3/10

Fucking great song "Two Worlds Collide" of Suicidal Tendencies found on the "Love Vs Loneliness" single and the "Suicidal For Life LP" released in Japan!!!
Here you are:

Hey! I have something for you! This is for all real Cycos!! Live concert of Suicidal Tendencies in Argentina '94!!!

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