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Rauw - The group page! Open to anyone who's ever been to a Rauw party :)

Explosive, extreme and dangerously sexy – this sums up Holland’s most exciting club night: Rauw (rhymes with ‘wow’). A night known for tantalizing tunes, a cutting edge crowd and amazing atmosphere. Full of raw power, raw passion and raw, unadulterated fun. ‘Rauw’ means ‘raw’ in Dutch, and this night most definitely lives up to its name.

08-06-2012 - Rauw - Trouw Amsterdam - DJ Pierre, Riptide & Joost van Bellen
09-06-2012 - Rauw - Tivoli Utrecht - DJ Pierre, Riptide & Joost van Bellen

14-07-2012 - Extrema Outdoor - Rauw stage - 2ManyDJ's, Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Riton, Drop The Lime, Riptide, DiscTwins & Joost van Bellen

03/04/05-08-2012 - Solar Weekend Festival - Rauw Lab - Para One, Black Asteroid, Punks Jump Up, The Glimmers, Larry Tee, Joost van Bellen, Mason, Das Glow & Strip Steve, NT89 & Riptide, Tom Trago, DJ Sandeman, Shadow Dancer, DiscTwins, SHMLSS & Scarlett Ettiene
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