Rai Knight

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Rai Knight
(pronounced Rye Night)

Yesterday’s soul, tomorrow’s ICON

Rai Knight was born in Warren, MI on July 21. As early as nine years old, Rai was given a small boom box and began recording her own brand of melodic experiments. Growing up, her household was filled with the sounds of David Bowie, The Police, and the Beatles, and as her young mind blossomed, Rai became mesmerized by the Pop genius that is Michael Jackson. As she matured, Rai gravitated toward the awe-inspiring Gwen Stefani, and at that point she was hooked.

By the age of fifteen, Rai was clearly on her path to making her dream a reality. Familiarizing herself with the piano, flute, and guitar; by seventeen Rai was playing and writing her own music. In 2004 Rai moved to the west coast in pursuit of her musical dream. Throughout professional studio sessions, recordings, and performing live with her then band, Rai was able to perfect her craft as a musician. Rai came to the conclusion, late 2008, that her real passion was to be a solo artist, which would lead her to Scotland to further explore a new realm of musical possibilities. In 2009 she would find herself back in Detroit, exhausted, and in need of a fresh start.

While in Detroit, a mutual friend recommended Rai to FrontStreet Records, and just like that, she was certain she had found her musical family. Rai began recording and collaborating with the label and its artists.

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