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For fans of the French label Prikosnovénie.
Discussions are welcome :)

In their own words:
Prikosnovénie associative label was born in Nantes, in 1990, out of the encounter of two cinema students: Frédéric Chaplain, fond of sound, and Sabine Adélaïde, experienced photographer. The word Prikosnovénie means “light touch” in Russian and aims at promoting inventive music combined with elaborate-exquisite aesthetics.
Prikosnovénie is rooted in the then flourishing alternative movement New-Wave. Prikosnovénie could define itself as half-way between the Visa label (for its independent militarism) and the 4AD English label for its enigmatic estheticism.
The first tape is entitled ‘Sacrilèges’ and gathers 12 new-wave trend bands. The label found its audience.
End 1991-1993: exiled in Paris to complete their studies, Frédéric graduates as sound engineer at Louis Lumière and Sabine as a photographer at the Gobelins School.

official site:
the prikos tag:
the label page:
spotify link:

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