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This group is for friends and fans of PostEverything; labels, bands, customers, mates, or just people who like our style. Feel free to join... and please check out our website if you don't...

PostEverything exists as primarily as an online mail order source for independent record labels, but we're more than that; we're a community, a record shop, a radio station, a news resource - and who knows what else in the future.

Mailing to customers worldwide and carrying a wide range of music styles including punk, breakcore, hip-hop, glitch, idm, psych-folk, drum'n'bass, alt pop, cut-ups, down tempo, illbient, rock, spoken word, grindcore, electronica, psych-rock, ambient, grime, feak-folk, dubstep, modern composition, jazz, leftfield, folktronica, minimal techno, post rock... everything from A Hawk And A Hacksaw's world folk, through Comets On Fire's epic soundscapes, Deathprod's brooding atmospheres, and MF DOOM's skewed beats and rhymes, to Psapp's never ending sense of fun, Wire's art punk classics, and Zbigniew Karkowski's sonic experimentations... there's plenty to feed your ears.

Working directly with artists and labels whenever possible more money goes back to the people who made the music, and cutting out the middle-man means we can keep our prices lower too. We frequently carry exclusive special offers and releases, unavailable elsewhere. If you like music that you can't necessarily find racked out at your local music mega store, or feel like the artists and record labels aren't the ones who benefit from your purchases and support, come and visit our site.

We carry releases from the following labels:
::room40::, Adaadat, Audiosphere, Background Records, Bette (Scanner), Blast First [petite], Caribou (Caribou/Dan Snaith/Manitoba), Cock Rock Disco, Consumers Research & Development, Expanding Records, Hearing Aid Records, Highpoint Lowlife, Hungry Hill, Hyperdub, Lex Records, Lo Recordings, Malicious Damage, Metta Editions (David Shea), Milletones (Blurt/Ted Milton), Nature Sounds, Needle Soup (Wajid Yaseen/2nd Gen), No Quarter, Not Applicable (Icarus), Peace Corps Projects, Phono Erotic, Pinkflag (Wire), PSR Records (Keiron Phelan & David Sheppard), Puss Puss (Psapp), Quatermass, Rhymesayers, Rumraket, Rune Grammofon, Skintone Records, Static Discos, Sub Rosa, Sweet Nothing, Swim~, Text Records, The Leaf Label, tsk! tsk! and Very Friendly, and regularly add new labels to our roster.

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