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group for all fans "Playful kiss"

Other title: Mischievous Kiss
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: MBC
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo
Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni
Lee Tae Sung as Bong Joon Gu
Lee Si Young as Yoon He Ra
Jung Hye Young as Hwang Geum Hee (Seung Jo's mother)
Oh Kyung Soo as Baek Soo Chang (Seung Jo's father)
Choi Won Hong as Baek Eun Jo (Seung Jo's brother)
Kang Nam Gil as Oh Ki Dong (Ha Ni's father)
Hong Yoon Hwa as Jung Joo Ri (Ha Ni's friend)
Yoon Seung Ah as Go Min Ah (Ha Ni's friend)
Jang Ah Young as Hong Jang Mi
Bye Bye Sea as Bong Joon Gu's idols
Hwang Hyo Eun as Song Kang Yi (Ha Ni's homeroom teacher)
Song Yong Shik as Song Ji Oh
Moon Hoe Won as Head Teacher Hwang

Based on the popular manga, Oh Ha Ni is a clumsy student who falls the perfectionist, Baek Seung Jo. However Seung Jo is indifferent towards her and rejects her love. When Ha Ni's house collapses, she and her father move into his long-time friend's house. It turns out that Seung Jo is the friend's son and Ha Ni is given the opportunity to be near the guy she loves. Will she be able to move Seung Jo's heart?...

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