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A place to discuss /support /discover lesser known bands /artists.

A place to discuss | support | discover lesser known bands | artists. This is not a place for self-promotion. This is not a place for screaming | growling | black | death | metal. This is not a place for hyper-popular | MTV | Disney | overproduced | no talent music. Hip Hop in it's truest sense is okay, but please no negative | materialist | misogynistic | overly violent nonsense.

Obscure can be defined as:

1 a: dark , dim b: shrouded in or hidden by darkness c: not clearly seen or easily distinguished : faint <obscure markings>
2: not readily understood or clearly expressed ; also : mysterious
3: relatively unknown: as a: remote , secluded <an obscure village> b: not prominent or famous <an obscure poet>

We consider music with less than 50k listeners to be obscure.

For example:

Radiohead (1,569,518 listeners) Extremely Popular

The Shins (860,931 listeners) Popular

Animal Collective (313,895 listeners) Well Known

Abe Vigoda (8,385 listeners) Obscure

Games are fine and dandy, but the main theme of our topics should be related to sharing and discovering music. So if you’d like to create a game, keep the focus on music. Here are a few examples: Band Relations and Obscure Facts - Did you know? .

New Members, please add to our discussions.


Connect the Artists!!!!

Your City/State/Country Musicians

How do you discover new music?

How do you purchase music?

What's On Your Wish List?

life changing records

the Department of Forgotten Songs <<< If you’d like to share a mix, this is the place to do so.

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