Non-Subscribers and their tag radio stations

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The tagging collective

A group like "Subscribers and their tag radio stations" for common people

A group like Subscribers and their tag radio stations for common people

This group is to bring together common users who have taken the time
to create new (or capture small existing) tags with a unique name,
add a huge count of tracks to it,
invite some other users (of good taste) to use this tag on some tracks they like on their part
and lift the restrictions for the underclass to broadcast cool music with that "trick".

In short:
Make a global tag like
out of your personal ones like

- mandrak2000's "", "" and "" tags (just 3 examples of a huge list)
- Kacknorris' "", "" etc. tags or his "" tag
- lucindalight's "" tag (for those who suffer from smoking prohibitions, too)
- my "" and "" tags

- nicmax99's "" tag
- guru_mosh's "" tag


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