Artículo en blog alemán acerca de la escena indie en México

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    Artículo en blog alemán acerca de la escena indie en México

    Traducción mas o menos entendible en SYSTRAN:

    One assumes a pronounced and alive Indieszene in the USA, New York for example. Clearly. England, naturally, London flat. Then me spontaneously still Canada falls and even on the European mainland can one some centers of the Indie constitute. How the heading lets it suspect however, it concerns in this article a so far internationally less observed scene. The Indieszene in Mexico. To be over accurate northeast Mexico. Because there is a place there, at that the Indie still umbefleckt actual freely of ausgelutschten star and burned out melodies. Monterrey, a place, in which Delhotel record opens its doors of the world.

    “We are a group of musicians and producers, who believe that music should be free. Therefore we decided to create a place to tape their music freely to publish to be able. “, one can read on the side of the Mexican Netlabels Delhotel record.

    Already 2002 resulted the idea for a Indielabel in Monterrey, but only some friendly of tape from the Mexican restaurant metropolis the concrete resolution grabbed at the beginning of 2008 to put the idea into practice. Delhotel calls itself as “pseudo electrical label”, which wins however by the bad transmission from the Spanish only with a further explanation at correctness. “Electronic” is to be regarded here from two different view. Once the purely electronic marketing form (the clay/tone beams lie exclusively as to download forwards), and the focus on electronic music.
    This is however not netlabel typically ambient annoying, but außerordendlich (indie) poppig. Vorallem album, which combine the term “musical train horse” and Netlabel supervisor” in itself, color the sound of label with music, which was called of some critics Avantgard Future Pop. With an unbelievably high output from meanwhile 14 the releases the boys drew to attention from Monterrey not only on itself, but also on its project Delhotel record.
    Even if album constitute the majority of the label catalog, further of tape from the Monterrey surrounding field put musical emphasis. Indierock, garage, electrical, Pop, new Wave, Punk, traditional Latin American music and Metal can be found with Delhotel. A multicolored mixture, which have quite its reason, because accurately this consisting musical variety wants one outward stretchers and to the stabilization of the Mexican Independent music scene to thus contribute.
    And we thank you for a most interesting view of this musical world.

    Here some of many beads from the house Delhotel records:

    Album - Vs. Monterrey (ZIP) (BY-NUMERICAL CONTROL-lp)
    Tape from Monterrey remixen song of album. And directly on a quadruple edition. “Vs. Monterrey” contains 4 Remix Eps, which form together very recommendable release.

    Club Comfort - Brujita Pop (ZIP) (BY-NUMERICAL CONTROL-lp)
    Club Comfort even three albums are likewise involved in the organization of the label and contribute, which supply an interesting electrical Pop, which of large ones like Daft Punk, LCD-Soundsystem or CSS remind.

    The Mocks - M is correct (ZIP) (BY-NUMERICAL CONTROL-lp)
    The Mocks are pair of brothers and sisters Ely & Mario Mock and it with the term identification made themselves simple. The two simple, in-usually rhytmischen Electropop present in music.

    More music:

    Por cierto, ahi vienen links para bajar discos gratis, algunos muy buenos.


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    itch liebe chingon

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    St Denis bei Licht


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