Introduce yourself

    • JavaDevil schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 22. Jan. 2010, 13:03

    Introduce yourself

    Hows it going all?

    Good I hope, not really bored like me and writing pretty much pointless threads all over the place.

    Anyway I thought it would be a good idea for everyone to introduce themselves a lil' and maybe let us know why you decided to join this group?

    Anyway since I've decide to start this, I guess i'll start.

    My name is Chris, and I live in New Zealand so thought it was pretty appropriate for me to join such a group. I'm currently so bored as I have injured myself and the internet is pretty much my only release of the stress that is caused by me being house bound.

    Anyway, thats enough about me.

    How about you?

    Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.
    • XKiwi schrieb...
    • Abonnent
    • 24. Jan. 2010, 3:13
    I'm an ex New Zealander who grew up in Martinborough in the Wairarapa and left on an eighteen month working holiday nineteen years ago and didn't make it back. Now married with three kids in London, England.

  • Hi ! Bertrand, label manager in cold core / cold wave / electro pop indus in western Europe.

    If ever a band in New Zealand has heavy rythmic section with regular big hypnotic rythm, thank you for telling... :-)


    • 462 schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 15. Feb. 2012, 0:17
    Hey! My name's Aaron... I was born in Wellington and now live in london.

  • Hey, we're The Hamma from Hawke's Bay

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