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A group for the incredibly talented and amazing alternative/rock and indie band, Neon Trees. Come join and share your support!!

Tyler Glenn | Chris Allen | Branden Campbell | Elaine Bradford

Official website:


- No Spam
- Absolutely NO bashing, hate messages or other BS towards the band or fellow group members. Be respectful and just have a good time here, OK?
- Don't apologize for "Your English."
- Feel free to post anything here, whether it be related to the band, pictures of yourself at the Neon Trees concert (or if you're lucky, you posing with a fellow NT bandmate XD), Etc!

+ I'm very new to making this group, so feel free to send me mail on how to improve this group. I'll see what I can do. Thank you!

And like I said before, have fun here and enjoy!! I'll pop in every now and then and see what I can post in the overview here. Thanks for visiting and joining guys! <3

What Are Neon Trees?

Neon Trees: Animal

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