Which Tomahawk album you liked best?

    • [Gelöschter Benutzer] schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 17. Okt. 2006, 20:14
    Mit Gas

    • Sevian45 schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 25. Okt. 2006, 1:24
    Mit Gas

    • krabola schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 5. Nov. 2006, 17:43
    I'll have to say that first one has more songs that move me. Mit Gas has better looking covers though.

    • waragunde schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 10. Jul. 2008, 14:42
    Like everybody: s/t. there's no point to argue

    • [Gelöschter Benutzer] schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 18. Jul. 2008, 23:49
    Self titled one. Can't argue with that.

  • The first one is my favourite...

    • [Gelöschter Benutzer] schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 30. Jul. 2008, 11:32
    Can't say I really like Tomahawk much but I'll go with Mit Gas because it has Captain Midnight on it.

    • _Fly schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 2. Aug. 2008, 6:11
    Would be the first person to state Anonymous as the best album. 'cause the first two sound sometimes like FNM, sometimes like other avant rock bands. And Anonymous is totally unique. All that indean "ya-na-ya-yo" is absolutely hypnotic. I like it.

    And i don't get s/t. Its pretty simple. Mit Gas is miles ahead.

    • Numb666 schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 20. Sep. 2008, 21:33
    For me there is no shadow of doubt that Self titled album is Tomahawks best album.

    "I'm asleep
    Goodnight world"
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  • mit gas

  • the first =]

  • The first is the CD which I prefer...my Tomahawk's favourite songs are here..."God hates a coward","Sweet smell of success","Flashback"...
    But "Mit Gas" and "Anonymous" are great CDs too. :)

  • I think anonymous and the first!!!! I don't like mit gas so much . Its too mainstream too me (except Birdsong and Aktion 13FM) Its not a real patton album. sorry...................

    • [Gelöschter Benutzer] schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 2. Nov. 2008, 9:27
    Mit Gas wins!

  • i like self titled album the best, but mit gas is nearly in the same level.

    • Omnigraph schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 10. Dez. 2012, 2:18
    The first one, mit gas is decent, and the other one just plain sucks.

  • new album is very good too. and i must admit - i like "anonymous" better the more i listen to it. it's really a great album.

  • I like "Anonymous" best...but that's beacause I really like world and native music. The S/T is second best, it's a great album.

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