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Gegründet am: 24. Okt. 2008
International gang of elitist rotten bastards

we are a crew of elitist chaotic bastards who thrive on the combination of punk joined with metal, not submitting to the social standards of either genre and embracing METAL PUNK as a genre unto itself, and not just a style of music and a love of the two but also it being a way of life.... an apocalyptic war fueled, chaotic blackened clash of ideals that leans towards a disgust for humanity... us being the dogs of war... true tormentors, creatures of the night, roaming the blood drenched streets, nuclear armed hog punks..with tribal convictions...pumped on the sounds and teachings of the records that no one else wants.... the pack of bastards.. that live for survival... all the rest... FUCK OFF AND DIE!

You will know us by our tribal markings our gang colors banners, war cries and patches, all members upon approval wear their MPDS patch as a badge of honor.We are the deathsquad of the underground scene lurking your clubs, inheriting the wasteland, conniving the cyberspace social networks.. and blasting the best music!!!! members profiles can be found on the internet with MPDS then local chapter city next to it this is a network in which we share our knowledge and join together to form stronger bonds to defeat the doomsday machine.

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