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Group for users who use my LastFmLib, an implementation of's web services, both version 1.0 and 2.0. plus their Audioscrobbler 1.2.1 into VB.Net/C#
Here you can get support for the lib,...

Ok here you are, so I'd like to say welcome.
I'd like you to take a look at the forums, I will post changes and new features there from time to time.
Please use SVN to stay up-to-date!

For project page, visit, for project home page click here

Key features of
  • - All available requests - including the old api - are supported
  • Requests are being cached
  • Pictures can be cached, too
  • Make simple requests in one line! More complex ones in five
  • For more features of see its forum topic

If you really love this project , feel free to click on the button below ;)

If you prefer a mono-compatible library, lastfm-sharp might be something for you :=)

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