Background question and sugestions

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    • 15. Nov. 2008, 4:42

    Background question and sugestions

    Sugestion 1: Look Flycast

    "[...]Other new features include an embedded web browser, allowing users to surf the web while listening to their favorite station, background play [...]"

    Any chance for provide similar feature in app?

    Sugestion 2: Youtube link, in addition to buy in iTunes item.

    Sugestion 3: Look, and replie scrap and messages.

    Thx a lot.

    Sorry my bad english.


  • Apple deliberately imposed restrictions (read disallowed) many of their apps running in the background, and I'm fairly sure completely blanket banned third party developers doing so. I'm not sure if this policy has changed (I guess it must have?) but one option you have is to jailbreak your iphone / ipod touch, then download the application 'backgrounder'.

    This will let you run in its current build in the background. I haven't done it, and so have no opinion either way on reliability, but at least one other forum user has, and has had no issues.

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    • 12. Dez. 2008, 13:12

    Background Scrobbling

    It really burns me up that MobileScrobbler can scrobble in the background but the client for the iPhone can't. The thing that really upsets me the most is that Apple for some reason has deliberately limited the efforts of one of the best development groups I've ever been a customer of. Apple could truly benefit by making an exception at least for do do background scrobbling. Jailbreaking (i.e. hacking) the iPhone should never be the first option for a software application with such a wide distribution.

    Can you offer any advice on how to petition Apple to let run AudioScrobbler in the background?

  • Lyrics in

    I would like to see also the Lyrics in
    As the Simplify has this feature, maybe this is also possible in addition to Artist bio.
    I think they get their lyrics from Wikilyrics.

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    • 24. Dez. 2008, 18:32
    The original poster was simply asking if the client could add it's own built-in web browser, as many other apps (like Flycast) have one. That way you can browse the web without leaving the app (and therefore cutting off your music). There's nothing preventing the client to have this -- it's just a matter of whether the developer deems it important enough.

    It would be cool to have a built-in browser, but I would MUCH rather the SOCIAL aspects of the website were beefed up in the app first. It would be great to access your inbox, or at the very least yours (and everyone else's) shoutbox.

    It's the social part of that sets it apart from all the other "radio apps." And frankly, it's the social stuff that drew me to in the first place - and what's kept me here.

    Plus, the ability to search and ADD events on your own, or search for information on artists or specific tracks (right now you can only do it when a certain band is playing AT THAT MOMENT on your radio).

    Groups would be lovely, though I can see that being more problematic (and really, it's not as essential).

    And of course, additional stuff for subscribers, like "Recent Visitors" ;-)

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