with 0 tracks found

    • dylfin schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 1. Mai. 2012, 17:43 with 0 tracks found

    Very easy request returns empty result:
    I used this request with my api key.
    This track is first on the top on charts, why I found nothing?
    There is something wrong ^_^

    • pduin schrieb...
    • 2. Mai. 2012, 10:46
    Good find!
    Sorry about that, a fix is on the way.

  • Same Problem

    I do have the same problem with the api using, Trackname, listSize, apikey) method. Are there still Bugs or maybe am i just using it wrong? ^^


    • pduin schrieb...
    • 16. Jun. 2012, 11:49
    It should be fixed but please provide an example if something is not working as expected.

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