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a little group for those who can't help but adore her groans


Several fantastic, lesser-known albums featuring KGV:

If you need me to rip any of them just leave me a shout, k?

some web clippings on KGV:
"Kim Gordon's voice hasn't hit a proper note in 30 years (which is awesome)."

"Kim Gordon's voice makes me think naughty thoughts... "

"I like the punk feel over the grim, Nico-esque (?) texture of Kim Gordon's voice, I can't help but be entranced by her sign off on Secret Girls. " [the Nico comparison is lame - ed.]

"Kim Gordon's voice is awful."

"Kim Gordon's voice was bitter and sexy, sounding as if she'd been wronged and was working up to spitting in your face (and often she did)."

"Kim Gordon's voice swells and cracks with sexuality turned into a supermarket
product; the guitars do the same." [about "Addicted to Love" from Whitey Album - ed.]

"Bull in the Heather - Sonic Youth - probably one of the most beautiful songs I have heard but in a lot of strange ways. Kim Gordon's voice defies the standard for "sexy" with that whisper."

"Halloween - Sonic Youth: Kim Gordon's voice has never been as sultry as in this sexy song"

"Kim Gordon's voice varies in recognizability; sometimes it's obvious, and sometimes it's as hard as recognizing Cameron Diaz in Being John Malkovich."

"Kim Gordon's voice gets me invariably aroused."

"I can't hear Kim Gordon's voice without feeling a little woozy."

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