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To compile overalll listening charts for readers and followers of jukeboxmetal.com

This group was created to try to compile listening charts for use on www.jukeboxmetal.com, bringing together people with similarly varied listening habits.

There are plenty of groups for specific genres or bands, but jukeboxmetal.com includes almost all forms of rock and metal, and as such would like a listening chart which reflects this diversity.

Membership is open, but anyone specifically invited by the group owner has been identified as having a suitably varied taste in rock and metal and their membership has been requested because it is believed they will bring benefit to the overall composition of the group.

Please check out www.jukeboxmetal.com for all of our reviews and articles (some of which will be linked from the journal section of the group), and if you have a Google account or use RSS news feeds, please keep tabs on http://jukeboxmetal.blogspot.com, for all of our announcements and news posts.

We are also present on Flickr, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, so please join us their too.

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