Instrumental music that makes you feel

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This is a group for any and all instrumental music that takes listeners on various emotional journeys with a strong focus on instrumental rock or post-rock, indie, electronic indie or indietronica....

-Group definition:
This is a group for lovers of instrumental music. This group focuses on instrumental artists cutting across various genres such as rock, post-rock, indie, electronic-indie, and more! Examples of artists are Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky, Do Make Say Think, Mono, Lanterna, Boards Of Canada, The Album Leaf, Red Sparowes, 65 Days Of Static, The Books, Tristeza, Squarepusher, Saxon Shore, etc.

Also, this group focuses on instrumental music by traditionally non-instrumental artists. All genres are welcome except tradionally instrumental music like classical or jazz, for example. An emphasis on emotionally compelling music is a plus!

-For artists: check out our artist connections or our recommendations thread.

-For songs: check out this thread.

-To help construct a radio station of instrumental awesomeness:
please see this thread! Or just have a listen to this most excellent music station now.

IMPORTANT NOTE about the station: Please read the aforementioned thread first. If you want to help out and tag music for the station, you must tag individual tracks you know are completely instrumental -- unless you're 100% sure an artist has no songs with vocals; in that case, then you could tag the artist as a whole. As a consideration for the listeners seeking instrumental music, please tag carefully.

**And please check the thread perodically for reports of bad tags. If one of your tags is reported as bad, please remove (untag) it!**

Post in the thread if you have any questions or want to report a bad tag. Thanks!

-Do not join if:
You don't like instrumental music (that'd just be silly)

Let's have fun. :)

Yay! Instrumental music that makes us feel!

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