• Maysa - Motions of Love

    12. Jan. 2012, 23:59 von AlemanYorks

    Maysa Leak

    Maysa's fairly recent release Motions Of Love should be available for everyone by now. Her voice is as beautiful & seductive as ever on this new recording, just a wonderful gift. Excellent songs throughout that suit her style very well, a mix of mid tempo & ballad tracks. Highlights for me, the opener Get Wit Me, excellent bright start to this album, Flower Girl feat. Dwele & Your Names Not On The List, a bit different, breaks up the album nicely. Quality throughout the whole piece. In my top 10 for this year.

  • Incognito´s newest release "TRANSATLANTIC RPM"

    18. Jun. 2010, 17:33 von funkorbust

    Incognito´s latest album - ´TRANSATLANTIC RPM´ is set for Worldwide release from July 26th (release dates may differ in individual countries).

    This stunning album comprises of sixteen tracks and features special guest performances from Chaka Khan (on two tracks), Mario Biondi, the legenda...ry Leon Ware, Al McKay of Earth Wind & Fire, Christian Urich of Tortured Soul, Ursula Rucker, and Los Angeles rapper Luckyiam.

    This is like no other Incognito album you have heard before.Also featured is a rare lead vocal performance from Bluey, who closes the album with “Tell Me What To Do”.

    Regular Incognito vocalists Maysa, Joy Rose, Tony Momrelle and Vanessa Haynes are all also featured.

    You can pre-order the album now from Amazon.co.uk (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Transatlantic-RPM-Incognito/dp/B003E83SVI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1274881897&sr=8-2), Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/Transatlantic-RPM-Incognito/dp/B003IMESBO), Tower Records (http://www.tower.com/transatlantic-rpm-incognito-cd/wapi/115745991) and other quality music retailers.
  • Walking in the Night with Adriana Evans

    30. Apr. 2010, 22:38 von Mr_Muzik_Hunta

    Adriana Evans
    Walking with the Night
    Expansion Records

    Adriana is back with her best to date. Adriana’s latest album titled Walking with the Night is a horn driven journey of some good old soul music. Not since her self-titled debut has Adriana dropped such a cohesive and groovy album. The Horn-rich arrangements are brilliant with their retro-soul sound. The rhythm arrangements are quite modern and along with the 60’s style horn arrangements makes for a sound that is both beautiful and original. The sickest horn arrangement can be heard on the stand out track “Love me on the One”. Adriana delivers vocally in such a matter that even her peers will have to take notice. Adriana vocally glides over complex grooves and make it seem so easy. Adriana takes her rightful place as the first instrument like a real singer should.

    For those who have other Adriana albums there are a couple tracks that may sound familiar such as midnight and El sol but these are just jazzy re-workings that are just great, if not better than the originals. Adriana’s Walk with the Night is a collection of Jazzy, Soulful jams that is good from first track to the last and the perfect mood setter for a gathering of friends and drinks. Walk with the night is a must have for all Adriana Evans fans and those who want to hear what musical originality and integrity is all about.

    Reviewed by AyeJay ‘Da Muzik Hunta’
  • Vocally Yours ~ Maysa album Review

    10. Feb. 2010, 7:08 von Mr_Muzik_Hunta

    Being a child of the 80’s there was a time when I could turn on the radio and there would be countless female vocalists who had substance and could move one with their voice. These voices were recognizable in their unique phrasing of a single note. Those days are long gone and today’s top female so-called vocalist has created a “fierce “theatrical stage and video persona to make up for her lack of actual vocal capability. Showing us just how much music has pseudo-progressed since the birth of video and hip-hop. Although they may not get much airplay there are those who can stay fully clothed and deliver an amazing vocal performance. There are two singers whom I discovered in the mid-80’s who still to this day who can sing a song and move an audience like no other and have clearly inspired much of today’s rising vocal talents such as Navasha Daya, Ledisi, Chrisette Michelle and Jennifer Hudson to name a few. One such great voice belongs to Maysa.

    Maysa is that vocal talent that comes around once in a lifetime. Maysa is a singer who once was a part of Stevie Wonder’s group Wonderlove to go on to become the best vocalist ever featured in the Acid Jazz musical collective known as Incognito. Maysa’s vocals paired with Incognito’s founder Bluey Maunick’s musical genius is the reason why Incognito is one of the few bands to surpass the acid jazz genre and become a band with numerous hits and a longevity usually found in rock and roll bands. After several solo albums, Incognito albums and side projects, Maysa is back with a new solo album titled “A woman in Love” which is so far her best.

    This album is a superb collection of handpicked jazz standards and original songs that make for a seamless groove of aural pleasure. Maysa’s dynamic vocals shapes and molds Jazz standards with interpretations in which she makes each her own and delivers with mesmerizing results. Maysa has an uncanny knack of picking just the right songs to cover for her voice, like Barbra Streisand’s “What are you doing for the rest of your life” Maysa will send chills down your spine as she sings this as if it was written just for her. Other standards include Nat King Cole’s “When I fall in Love”, Nina Simon's "I put a Spell on you”, “Round Midnight and Willow Weep for me. There are also some great original tunes like the upbeat duet with Will Downing titled “Love Theory” and funky tracks like “Spend Some Time” and “Honey Bee”. The title track “A Woman in Love” is spoken word over a funky groove sure to please die hard Maysa fans and make fans out of first timers. The song “I Am Wrong for Loving You” has the signature scatting that all Maysa fans have heard and love. If ever you’re looking for a real vocal talent and don’t want to listen to stuff from the 80’s well GRAB THIS ALBUM! This is what good music is all about. Maysa is a talent that should be regarded as a national treasure. (Yeah she is really that good!)

    AyeJay ~ Da Muzik Hunta'
  • Roll on the next 30 years of top quality music!!!

    24. Aug. 2009, 17:45 von mwchurst

    Sat 22 Aug – Ultimate Boogie Night: Incognito 30th Anniversary featuring Jocelyn

    Incognito played to packed Indigo2 for two and a half hours of pure joy. Bluey backed by a fine set of musicians lead the group with his usual excellent professionalism. They didn't disappoint playing all the classic songs that all Incognito fans know and love.

    The appearance & vocal talents of Jocelyn Brown, Maysa Leak, Joy Rose, Imaani and Tony Momrelle added to an excellent sound on stage.

    A thoroughly enjoyable evening. Definitely made my weekend. A fine UK band with an appeal that touches soul fans around the world.
  • Stevie's Dear Disco?

    3. Jul. 2009, 11:09 von IanAR

    I stumbled upon My Dear Disco's White Lies today, which showed enough potential to skim their 2008 album - Dancethink LP.

    Then I noticed that track four - a Stevie Wonder cover, All I Do - is a ' free download' (0c download). Now, the album's a DIY release (i.e. not from a label we might expect to have any special leverage on All I Do), so how are they in a position to give away copies / plays of the song?

    It seems like either: My Dear Disco have very deep pockets, Stevie's been kind enough to forgo royalties* or some lawyers are waiting for My Dear Disco to get very deep pockets (so they can empty them). If the band aim to get picked-up by a major and it's anything like the last option, despite what looks like some quite hefty PR, I wonder how such a liability would compromise due diligence in a label signing.

    * - Clarence Paul & Morris Broadnax are also credited for the song's lyrics.

    I'm not down-on My Dear Disco, to my ears they have good potential, but this looked like an odd use of a song and I've failed to find it written about elsewhere. If you know more about this release or have other ideas about the usage / licensing, please comment.
  • Maysa Leak CD Review

    27. Nov. 2008, 20:19 von mwchurst

    Singer and regular guest vocalist on many albums of Incognito, Maysa Leak releases her much-anticipated new CD titled Metamorphosis.

    The album kicks off with the cool sound of “My Destiny” featuring Najee. On the tracks “Simpatico” and “Higher Ground” (featuring the guitar of Nick Colionne’s guitar & Najee’s flute playing) Maysa’s vocal is backed up with a Latin feel. On the songs “Take Me Away” (with it’s lyrical reference to the soul classic Don’t Let It Go To Your Head by Jean Carne) and “Grateful”, these tracks are a nice down-tempo style. Colionne is also featured on the track “Let’s Figure It Out (A Song For Bluey)” which is a highlight for me on this album, 7 minutes of instrumental and vocal in a smooth jazz/soul/house style.

    The song “I Need A Man” sees Maysa deliver a strong lyrical message. The song “Happy Feelings” accurately describes its feel good sound. The ability to deliver classy ballads is one of Maysa’s many talents and “Love So True” and “Walk Away” confirm this. The instrumental “A Conversation With The Universe” is a brilliant piece of music with its percussive and spaced-out beats. The final two tracks are covers of Michael Jackson’s “I Can’t Help It” and Stevie Wonder’s “All I Do”. Both tracks show that when it comes to covering a song Maysa can deliver. (Both tracks are only available on the UK release)

    This new release from Maysa in my opinion is one the releases of 2008. As with all her previous releases a Maysa album is always a great addition to the soul music world. Highly recommended.

    Maysa Leak website
  • My review of Eric Roberson in concert at Indigo2, London

    6. Okt. 2008, 11:06 von mwchurst

    Sat 4 Oct – Eric Roberson, Anthony David, Angela Johnson

    I was part of an appreciative audience who on Saturday witnessed Eric (Erro) Roberson who performed here in London.

    The evening started off with Angela Johnson who played tracks from her excellent current album 'A Woman's Touch - Volume 1'. Angela also did a fine cover of "You Got The Love" originally done by Rufus.

    When Angela finished her set, Anthony David came straight on and went into his set. Again excellent support. David performing songs from his albums 'The Red Clay Chronicles' & 'Three Chords & The Truth'.

    Then it was Erro's turn and for the next 90 minutes along with his excellent band performed brilliantly playing all his popular tracks, also impressing with his freestyle rapping on subjects shouted out by the audience.

    For me this was an excellent evening of quality soul music proving that there are artists out there in 2008 still making good music.

    Photos from the concert
  • Incognito CD Review

    24. Jun. 2008, 12:23 von mwchurst

    One of the UK’s finest soul groups over the past 20+ years lead by the talented Jean-Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick, Incognito release their new CD Tales From The Beach.

    This CD delivers the refreshing, positive and vibrant sound Incognito have delivered on many of their releases.

    From the opening track Step Aside with the horn section excellently complementing Joy Rose’s vocals, this album confirms that Incognito have every intention of making sure the listener will enjoy the entire CD.

    No Incognito album would be complete without a contribution from vocalist Maysa Leak as evident on I’ve Been Waiting; also there are fine contributions from Imaani on Love, Joy, Understanding which has an excellent party feel & Tony Momrelle on the Stevie Wonder flavoured When The Sun Comes Down. Other notable tracks include the funky ‘I Come Alive (Rimshots and Basses)’ ‘N.O.T’, ‘Freedom To Love’ with its Latin style and the easy going sound of ‘I Remember A Time’ again with Maysa beautifully handling the lead vocal.

    With Bluey’s contribution in writing the songs and recording taking place in the UK, Italy, Germany & Indonesia, overall this set is another solid effort of good uplifting songs to add to the Incognito extensive catalogue of music. Recommended.
  • Saxophone God - Mike Phillips (he is a younging, he is fantastic!)

    20. Jan. 2008, 19:41 von 2Serenity

    When I went to see Prince in concert in September, I had NO idea, I would literally jump out of my seat when Mike Phillips was commanding the stage playing the saxophone.

    I was dying in fascination with how he was taunting the audience with the the sax as though he was commanding you to listen to mim NOW. He tilted his head back a little, closed his eyes and played his heart out.

    Since then, yes - I have been a fan of his music.

    His first album, "You Have Reached Mike Phillips" is one of my favorites, and I recently have ordered his second solo project, "Uncommon Denominator."

    Mike Phillips has collaborated with musical legends such as:

    Prince - Planet Earth CD
    Stevie Wonder - "A Time to Love"
    Jill Scott - Experience Jill Scott 826 featured on the track - "My Way"

    Here is his official myspace page:

    Also, watch him give you a treat:

    Mike Phillips featuring JR - "Wonderful and Special"

    If you enjoy what you see, please support his work and
    buy an album!

    Mike Phillips


    Stevie Wonder

    Jill Scott