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Gegründet am: 19. Mär. 2007
California Metalcore Band with Female Vocalist

North Hollywood, California Metalcore outfit IN THIS MOMENT, fronted by Maria Brink, issued a self-titled demo in 2005. That Winter the group crafted a debut album with producer Eric Rachel at Trax East studios. IN THIS MOMENT signed to Century Media Records in August 2006. To open 2007 the band teamed up with WALLS OF JERICHO, DEAD TO FALL, 36 CRAZYFISTS and headliners KITTIE for "The Funeral For Yesterday Tour" beginning in early February. US concerts in May saw the group acting as special guests to THE GATHERING and LACUNA COIL.

In This Moment Are:
Maria Brink (vocals), Blake Bunzel (guitar), Chris Howorth (guitar), Josh Newell (bass), Jeff Fabb (drums)

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