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Sick of all these self-proclaimed old school true-type "metalheads" and metalhead-image posers? Sick of all the disgraceful old shit, niggers and basement dwelling metal fans? Join us!

Fake metal for fake metalheads. No neckbeards. Only scene. No "kvlt" black metal losers. No fake elitists. No true death/black metal. No true, no entry. Fuck off.

This is an active hipster group for die-hard fags Share your thoughts, tastes, recommendations or whatever you like, just try to keep it related to hipster metal in one way or another. Any discussion is welcome. If your charts don't consist mostly of post-black metal and deathcore, particularly the connected bands and others of their kind, don't waste your time. Post-metal is preferred but anyone with good taste and a willingness to discuss gay sex will be accepted. It can't be stressed enough that non-contributors will be kicked and likely banned if attempting to apply again.

Vesupria, helldrasil, SiderealPassing, slackashi (what a great guy), TyrantMKII, netsyrk, AltarsOfMayhem

Hail Beelzebub (Satan is too mainstream), drink yourself into an alcoholic coma with your Pabst Blue Ribbon and BOB YOUR HEAD SLIGHTLY.

http://www.last.fm/group/If+You+Are+A+False+Don't+Entry <--- posers

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