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  • HI, I'm Nathan. I got into the Dü around 1995 through Therapy?'s cover of 'Diane'. My favourite album has to be either New Day Rising or Metal Circus (yes I know it's an EP). Favourite song varies; at the moment it's 'It's Not Funny Anymore'.

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    • 10. Aug. 2006, 2:25
    Welcome man listening to New Day Rising right 10:23pm on the EST.

    Good album but I feel that the production is lacking like the vocals are a bit too buried on a number of the tracks. Too bad to could be my very fav of their albums if it was not for that.

    But so many of those tracks are so very good Girl Who Live on Heaven Hill is going on my mix of the week.

  • I'm in Yellowknife, Canada, a little mining town just south of the Arctic Circle. First album I got was Candy Apple Grey and that is probably my favourite album. Hard (I just typed "Hart" in some kind of typographic Freudian slip) to pick just one favourite track, because there are so many: What's Going on, Dead Set on Destruction, Pink Turns to Blue, No Reservations, etc., etc., although if I had to pick, it would be She's a Woman (And Now he is a Man) by a hair.

    The dude abides....
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    • 9. Mär. 2009, 10:18


    Candy Apple Grey was my introduction to the band. A year later i saw the Band on a Dutch festival called Pinkpop. They opened the Festival, and it was on of the best gigs i have ever seen. Later i realised that it was one of the last show's they performed. A few years later i saw Bob on his Workbook Tour. He attended with a very good band back then. Later he came back alone, seemed that the band was to expensive. The same year i saw the first solo gig of Grant (with band) on his Intolerance Tour. They both appeared fast after eachother in Holland. Offcourse i've seen Sugar several times, Nova Mob, Grant Hart solo in a small club in Nijmegen (Gonzo). Not to long ago i saw Bob with his Bob Mould Group?. It was pretty solid, and i really enjoyed hearing all the songs again.

  • Hi, my name is Daniele and I'm from Italy.
    I started listen to Husker Du with Zen Arcade, wich is absolutely the most beautiful album ever recorded, and I immediatly fell in love with their music. They have totally changed my vision of music.

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    • 20. Mär. 2009, 0:19
    I'm Robert from Saint Louis. My dad was very interested in punk and alternative rock way back when it was being formed (he has a framed MDC poster hanging up in his HOME OFFICE of all places), and he gave me Zen Arcade for my 15th birthday. As soon as I was done listening to it I knew that I had just heard one of the best bands ever, at the risk of sounding melodramatic. Soon after I picked up New Day Rising and Warehouse. I remember laying in a park near my house, reading V for Vendetta while listening to Husker Du later that summer... good times. It may be weird, but I'm nostalgaic for a band that broke up the year I was born. HD fans are good people so I'm sure I can already can call you all friends.

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    • 22. Nov. 2009, 11:00

    I don't remember

    how I first discovered Hüsker Dü. Oh yeah, I just remembered. In 8th grade and living in Torrance, CA in 1980-81, I was heavily into Black Flag and the LA Hardcore punk scene. In 1983 I bought the SST compilation The Blasting Concept, with the Meat Puppets and the Minutemen, among others, and of course, Hüsker Dü. They were just another decent punk band until I bought Zen Arcade, that was it - I’ve been a huge fan ever since. I never saw them live, but I learned to play a lot of their songs on guitar. My favorite Hüsker Dü song is Chartered Trips.

    If you'd like to hear a Hüsker Dü influenced song I recorded in 1992, check out once in a life.

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