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You need to have heard a good number of
real hip hop music. Also a respect for the
fundamental elements of hip hop.

Definitely NO crunk or snap

Hip-Hop, as being a culture, needs to be resurrected
and moved forward in having an impact on the earth
socially, politically, religiously, fiscally and not just
exploited to make greedy opportunists rich.
To Satisfy Your Hip Hop Hunger
includes Eternia, Eternia & MoSS and Jurke The Burke.

Not going against my own opinions of what I believe constitutes real hip hop.
However our aim is not to attack or I would like to personally say that I have
no wish to attack individuals on LFM. It is the corporate industries who have
duped what once may well have been promising hip hop artists into these pop,
sex orientated imageries, with promises of riches and fame.

...Unfortunately there is still the plain and simple fact that because of greed
some have indeed sold out. Also there are obvious manufactured fake rap
artists who have no idea about hip hop whatsoever.

The problem is weakness and Rich Music Mogules exploit this to their advantage.
It is not a problem to rightfully have money from sales, but rather the love of it that
is killing good music all round as well as Hip Hop.
Welcome to yet another hip hop group. Yes I know there are
so many even those with Hip Hop Culture. I have no wish to
be a rival to these groups, but rather use this group as a means
of learning and educating on the true culture and the community
consciousness of hip hop.

Real Rules
Pop rap, crunk, snap, commercialized shit
should not be consider as true hip hop.

Examples of wack artists
Kid Cudi
Rick Ross
Wiz Khalifa
Big Sean
Lil' Wayne
Lil' Jon
Lil' Boosie
Lil' Flip
Chamillionaire (awaiting review)
Kanye West (although I believe his earlier stuff was seminal)
Young Jeezy
Young Buck
Soulja Boy
Gucci Mane
The Game
Ja Rule
ASAP Rocky
Flo Rida
Nicki Minaj
MC Hammer
Silk the Shocker
Tony Yayo
P Diddy
DJ Khaled
Lil Romeo
Master P
Bubba Sparxxx
Nick Cannon
Mike Jones
Lil Boosie
Vanilla Ice
Bow Wow
Flo Rida
Hurricane Chris
Mike Jones
Sean Combs
Fred Durst
Officer Ricky (aka Rick Ross)
Insane Clown Pussy Posse
Shawty Mane
Lil Chuckee
Oj Da Juiceman

...to be continued

Any fake rapper that has no place to be considered as hip hop
How Not to Get Jerked (Boogie Down Productions)

"And now, a word from our sponsor "

Now technically speakin I ain't 'sposed to be doin this
Like givin information to the ones that are new to this
You wanna make a record and get into the business?
Here's a little plan from a six-year witness
First you gotta understand the music game
It's not about fame, it's about a rich name
And who you're down with, and who you clown with
But most of all, you got to have a gift ("it's like that")
Either music or the fresh lyrics
Or a vibepeople like to buy your spirit
Everybody knows KRS-One is dope
To really see it, you gotta use a telescope, hah
There's no hope when you're shoppin for a deal
Either sex appeal, or the hard street feel
But if you don't have a lawyer you're a goner
Don't even think about chillin in a sauna
You need a lawyer, and a good manager
Without this, the record companies won't be havin ya
So I'm grabbin ya now and showin ya how
Not to get jerked when you do hard work

"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"

"One, two, three, whoo!"

Yo, there's more to it, but let's get through it
Many MC's reached the top and then blew it
You say, "I knew it, that last jam was wack"
Either you're strung out on crack, or you don't wanna
Be black anymore, or, you don't wanna rap anymore
Or, you do a wack tour, or, you get in trouble with the law
Or, your fans you ignore, or, you get punched in the jaw
Cause, you're not hardcore
What makes a jam isn't luck or fate
It's writin the jams that the people can relate to
Or else they'll hate you
The public will mark you down as a fake crew
You don't need allathat
Just rap from the heart and you'll have a good start
But a lot of MC's want girls
And wanna live on top of the world
In the jam they wanna flirt
Here's how not to get jerked when you do hard work

"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"
"It's like that y'all"

Now understand, rap is rebellious music
Therefore, only the rebel should use it
But pop artists abuse it
When the audience hears real rap, they boo it
See rap music is a culture
And everyone outside that culture is a vulture
The vulture makes money on the culture
Understand, I ain't tryin to insult ya
But you're either usin rap like the devil
Or you're pushin rap to another level
So don't wait for your company's promotions staff
Promote yourself with your own cash
But this might mean you can't buy gold
You might have to put that on hold
Cause if the artist falls, they diss him
But if the company falls, the artist falls with them
This ain't about a tight skirt
Here's how not to get jerked when you do hard work

We need to be educated (this is where you current members can also help)
as well as learn, what true hip hop is. It is easy to say that only people who
have none of the above can join, but how are those who do listen to the wack
artists above gonna learn the truth about real hip hop.
The only rule of thumb is, any spamming, trolling or outright personal
attacks on members will be met with an immediate ban.
I have a heart-felt interest for knowledge, a love for the people
who live hip hop and would welcome anyone who can give
better insight to this way of life.

True Meaning of Hip Hop (Afrika Bambaata)
History of Breakdancing

Real area for Underground Hip Hop
Hip Hop Not Hip pop
Underground Hip Hop
Underground Hip-Hop
Old School HipHop
Edgar Allen Floe - Worldwide Circuit

I want this group to be relaxed one, but if we can not talk
on who is best or which camp you are in. as far as I am
concerned true hip hop is universal and has no race,
colour or creed. Give me time and I will try and come up
with ideas for discussion/s or perhaps you can give some.
Examples are:
  • The story of hip hop
  • It's progression
  • The communities/culture
  • How b-boying/girling started (a.k.a. breakdancing or breaking)
  • The pioneers of hip hop
  • The future of Hip Hop

    Other discussions:
    • Rap (as part of the hip hop culture)
    • Which artists today do you feel are still true to the roots of hip hop
    • Recommended underground, old school, golden-age hip hop for n00bs* (joke*)

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