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Make a notion and i'll connect it
If it is connected; there is free full downloads somewhere.
Ask me if you don't find where, i will make a not of from where one can download the material

hard work lies behind successful music discovery, i put together this for anyone interested in a collected feed of dowloable artists tagged with tags similar rhythmic noise, that is the different ways of spelling it etc.. the feed aint close to 100% but if you look through it and find artists that's not suitable; i can filter them out on request

Vote for your top recommendations or keep this dictatorship as it is!
So far:

ZandoZ Corp.(1) - Like Gears (2009)

xoma(1) - Last.FM

Sprog - mental circus

Ad·ver·sary - International Dark Skies

Various Artists - Absetzer

R6.3zist - Liquid fear

Various Artists - FON15 - Forced Nature Volume One

The Peoples Republic of Europe - Nicolae carpathia died for your sins

Hezzel - Under Pressure

Suicide Fetish - PWNWAFFE

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