Full directory of now playing track

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    • 17. Apr. 2012, 21:15

    Full directory of now playing track

    I try to configure my foobar to download pictures automaticly from last.fm to proper directories.
    I want to set the path for album art in album folder but I can't find right variable.

    For example:
    Muse - Absolution
    C:\Users\Sebastian\Music\MUSE\[1999] Showbiz\07 - Unintended.flac
    and I only need:
    C:\Users\Sebastian\Music\MUSE\[1999] Showbiz

    I found that
    but it only recieves a folder name ([2003] Abolution)

    And next I tried sth more difficult:

    (%path% shows full path with file name and an extension and I don't need that. $directory_path function extracts directory path from full path)

    So it should works. But it doesn't and I don't know why.
    Could you give me some advices or any better ideas?

    • marc2003 schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 19. Apr. 2012, 0:48
    if you use $directory_path(%path%) in a display element it works just fine.

    try adding a backslash to the end?

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    • Benutzer
    • 19. Apr. 2012, 6:49
    Yes you're right. I made small mistake (I didn't add [ ] square brackets around %artist% and %album% keys) but now it's OK

    (click to zoom)

    Now I want to change artist gallery directory. Now it is:
    (I had to add these {} brace brackets because some artist names have a dot at the end and it was troublesome)

    My music library has a pattern:
    C:\Users\Sebastian\Music\(ARTIST)\(Year - Album)\(Track)
    I want to configure foobar to download artist pictures to (ARTIST) folder

    C:\Users\Sebastian\Music\MUSE\[1999] Showbiz\07 - Unintended.flac
    but now I need:

    Actually it isn't very important to set the new location but I just want to know is this even possible?

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    • Benutzer
    • 19. Apr. 2012, 8:51

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    • Benutzer
    • 19. Apr. 2012, 12:06
    Thank you very much, now it works fine!

    And here comes the order :)

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