• Charlotte Hatherley - A great guitarist

    3. Sep. 2008, 10:08 von BohEmiA

    A few years back I started listening to a lot of Ash, but it was first about a year ago I realized that the lead-guitarists on those tracks was actually a woman: Charlotte Hatherley. Later she has left the band and got a solo career, but I still really love those guitarlicks that she made for the Ash songs. Tonight I also looked at some of her solo stuff and it's really cool to.

    Great interview about guitarplaying.

    Bastardo is a really funny song and a great cartoon video.

    Making of Bastardo

    Mostly her solo stuff is not as good as Ash though, but the guitarplay is genius as always :)

    This is Shining light of Ash where I think she does some really really beautiful guitarlines especially on the refrains in the end. (Look how little focus it is on Charlotte though she actually does more than sing and almost all the solo guitar stuff. That would never happen to a boy ;)

    On Jules Holland though things are a little better. They always know the song before they film it ;)

    This from Glastonbury is not so bad either

    Cool interview, a little bit bad sound though :)

  • Celebration of scrooble of song 3000 by Radiohead: My favorite Radiohead photos

    21. Aug. 2008, 13:04 von BohEmiA

    Yeah, I know, I know.. I am a Radiohead-freak. Today I am passing 3000 plays of Radiohead (Those are the ones that have been recorded!!) at my Last.fm account and I am celebrating this amazing event that is important to all human beeings by.... yes! Giving you my favorite photos of Radiohead. Found a lot of new ones that I have never seen before Last.Fm. For those of you that for some very daft and stupid reason do not like these gods, you CAN appreciate the good craftmanship of these photos. Some of them are just pure artworks, some have captured lovely little moment for ever. Observe the difference in high, especially when it comes to Ed and Thom, the lovely haircuts and sometimes strange clothes. And I actually think they are quite beautiful too :) Lovely stuff. Enjoy... I will ;)

  • The development of Coldplay - Death and all his friends

    28. Jul. 2008, 12:38 von BohEmiA

    I might be wrong... about Brian Eno.
    Photo by http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/frontrow/

    I might have to take back all the wrong things I've ever said about Brian Eno. Death and all his friends, a new song from the new Coldplay album that he produced is just a masterpiece when it comes to arr. and production. And that's not all. I think that the song actually sums up the whole musical development of Coldplay through their career, and if I am right we have good things coming in the future.

    The song starts very traditional with a cute little melody and Chris sweet voice while he plays piano and a pretty little guitar solo on top. THEN... about 1: 19 the first miracle happens, and I think this is quite similar to the more rocked up version we have found increasingly on Coldplays last 2 albums. And the build up is just amazing. Layer on layer of voices and God knows what, before the drums really hit us and and this whole theme is very lovely rock, swingy Coldplay that I like. The melody also becomes a bit more complex THEN!! WHAT then... at 2: 19 something unheard of and amazing and wild happens.... Coldplay flies into an amazing 7/8 theme... And how well they do it to. The really sad thing is that they repeat that part of the song only twice and then it's suddenly over... And the bass, the bass is amazing on this song. It lifts the song and makes it groove. I think in general that the bass on this record is the best that I've heard Coldplay.

    I have never heard Coldplay play around like this and even put in 7/8. They have always been masters of build ups and great themes that makes you chill to the bones, but this is something different and more exciting. I have never heard them like this. They are almost almost getting near the genius of Radioheads now... But I have a sneaking suspicion that this all might be very much thanks to the genius of Brian Eno. I can heard that someone has guided this whole thing firmly in one production and opened up and added instruments and all that at the perfect moment, and I really don't think that the boys in Coldplay can have done this all by themselves. Sorry. One of my favorite things that he has added acoustic guitar at the great moment when all the drums come booming in to make the effect even stronger. Music with layers is always the most exciting, because you find new great parts all the time. And if this is development continues I am looking forward to the rest :)

    Here the song is ;)

  • Kent

    20. Jul. 2008, 11:57 von BohEmiA

    My relation to Kent started all the way back in about 1997. I must have heard the single "If you where here /Om du vär her" somewhere and on our class trip to Praha we drove through Sweden. The song somehow summed up the whole feeling of being away from someone you love. I had a long-distance-byfriend at the time, so I really identified with it. On a gass station somewhere in Sweden I bought my first Kent record "Isola". I listened to the cd all the way to Praha and back and was utterly hooked on all the great guitar melodies, the lovely vocal of Jocke and his great lyrics and what I have found out later is that special Kent rhytm. it's the same in all their songs and very very Kent, and makes it good no matter what they do. It's a kind of slow groovy 4/4. Kent later released the album in english and I still can't belive that such a great album can sound that horrible in just another language. No sir, Kent it English does not work at all for me.

    In 1999 came Hagnesta Hill with some, if not the, greatest lyrics of Kent. At the same time, I started University and at some point in 2000 I was standing outside the institute of theatre and music and started talking to a girl. In a few minutes we realized that we both loved both Kent and The Wannadies and was utterly thrilled that there were someone else in the world that knew about this great music and loved it at much. This became the foundation of a great friendship that still has a strong flavor of the common love of great music.

    I saw Kent for the frist time in this periode somehow... I do not really remember when, and in might even have been later. I was just a few meters awway from the stage and it was great. Mew also did the warm-ups so we also discovered another great rock-band that night. Ah,.. I found it now... May 2002. I also saw them again the same summer when I was at the Quart festival. This turned out to be the greatest year so far when it comes to sucess for Kent in Norway. In October 2002 they actually played the biggst stage in Oslo , Spektrum, for 8000 people. At this time the hype started to kill my Kent-feeling, because half of the people there was just there to sing along with the monster-hits from the album that was released that year "Vapen & Ammunition". I was quite happy when they said "Let's play some old rock'n'roll" and did the song " Kräm". Then you could see all the "new-comers" get shocked and all of us "oldies" jumping violently.

    Here is Kräm (it's still one of my favorite songs):

    That whole hype of 2002 killed my Kent interesst for some time. I just couldn't help it. I know it's very stuck up and posh and anything to not like things when they are to hyped, but I am just like that. When people has to many opinions on what I should think of a certain song or band or cd I can't listen to it... I just have to wait...

    So ... I haven't actually really listened to the two latest Kent Albums... The fact that one of the bands to guitarplayers left the band also contributed to me not wanna listen to them because I have always love the guitars of Kent so.. It has been a bit sad, but I just couldn't. About a few weeks ago though my friend sendt me a great link. It was a summer calender of Kent clips from their new studio, so I had to watch, and the more I watch them I realize that I have missed them, so now I think it's about time to really dig into those two last albums that I haven't really listened to.... I think it might be time now to refind old long lost love... hehe ;)

    Om du var här (with english subtitles): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VAKCjZ4AkM

    Vinter 02 (One of the greatest music videoes and greatest guitar-tunes of all time): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uYa8gWs2rE

    Kärleken väntar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veew6nzWDCU

    Kents channel on YouTube where you can see and listen to a lot about them :

    Kent's official homepage : http://www.kent.nu/
  • Editors is going to be warming up for REM!!

    14. Apr. 2008, 9:40 von BohEmiA

    Due to this amazing news that one of my favorite bands Editors is going to be warming up for another one of my favorite bands R.E.M. I give you some of my favorite moments with both bands.

    First is a great sitting on the grass playing acustic performance by Editors. When songs are this good with only two guitars and voice, you know they are quality:

    Another great acustic version of a the song Munich by Editors

    And finally R.E.M covering Editors:

  • Blur Live

    25. Jan. 2008, 1:04 von BohEmiA

    I can't belive I haven't done this before but I have actually forgot to check out youtube for live videos of Blur until the last few days. Here are a few of my favorites I have found so far...

    The classic Universal at the classic show Later:

    And then a favorite that I had forgotten but have redsicovered B.L.U.R.E.M.I in a very crazy Roskilde version.

    And then finally a dobble bill of the two amazing songs
    And a great bit of political speach there.. hehe And I am not really impressed by these two great songs live.. I guess they are just really hard to do live.. hehe.. And I've never thought about it.. And maybe it's because there are no bass really.. And there are no interplay between these people on stage.. really not good if you ask me..

    Beetlebum and Song 2

  • Jeff Buckley Live

    13. Jan. 2008, 2:18 von BohEmiA

    Time to share some amazing musical moments, that thankfully people have captured before it suddenly was to late..

    Sit back and join the genius of the voice, guitar playing and music in general of Mr. Jeff Buckley.

    Mojo Pin live at Glastonbury 1995

    So Real

    And of course Hallelujah
    And actually I couldn't find great liver version of Jeff's cover... So here is another one.. This is one of my other heros Beirut covering Hallelujah..

  • Girls with pianos

    21. Dez. 2007, 10:05 von BohEmiA

    Today it's time to take a look at the beauty of female pianists/artists. I have been a pianist for many years, so I have a special interest in it myself:) hehe..

    Let's start of with Regina spector and hear lovely song Samson.

    Then to another favorite, the magnificant wonderwoman and jack of all trades: Imogen Heap live at Letterman. This was the first time I saw her.. So many things going on at once:

    And then the queen of piano: Tori Amos
    (One of the worlds best covers ever)

  • Bonos wife

    16. Dez. 2007, 13:01 von BohEmiA

    For years I have been thinking about Bono in U2 's wife and what a great person she must be. To surive under the pressure of his fame and due to the fact that a wonderful person like him loves her. I read up a bit about her on wikipedia, and suddenly remembered this video:

    Wikipedia says about the video:

    Ali and U2

    The U2 song "The Sweetest Thing" was given to Ali as a gift because Bono forgot her birthday while writing and recording with the band during the Joshua Tree sessions. She appears in the song's music video and received income from its sales.

    Such a lovely story.... :)

    I've been wondering if she's here too?

    And if you wanna read more, you can do so at:
    Ali Hewson Homepage
  • Radiohead Webcast

    15. Dez. 2007, 10:56 von BohEmiA

    The 9th of November 2007 Radiohead did a webcast from their studio to celebrate their new album In Rainbows, and I think that it's time for you that haven't seen it to do so :) (And please leave comments)

    I am not sure of the original order of the clips, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

    First out is Jigsaw Falling into Place from the new cd. The footage is stellar! They all wear helmet cams. And you get a nice little introduction by Thom Yorke.

    They then go on to a great live version of Bodysnatchers

    Then Reckoner, also from the new album. I love the end when the bass comes back in, Jonnys rhodes playing and the "one more time".

    Then for some covers. First of is the wonderful "Unravel" by Björk. This is not the best cover I have heard, but Thom's vocals are great. There should have been someone singing the second line. Seams like they never really get it started, though it's really good to see Radiohead struggeling a bit to in a way. They always seem to be able to pull of everything, and do it here too I think after a while. hehe

    The another cover "Ceremony" by Joy Divison. My God this song sounds so much like Union City Blue by Blondie. Made me download a lot of Joy Divison and New Order (finally!). Very cool to see Radiohead rock that much to other peoples music. And if I remember correctly Radiohead covered Union City Blue, too?

    The third cover is "The Headmaster Ritual" by The Smiths. Enjoy! :) A tribute to their heroes. Bloody brilliant to hear then do Smiths :)

    This is a VERY cool Seven parody. ENjoy. 15 Step as the soundtrack
    A bit of chating by Thom and Adam from the technical support team about the movie Seven, Brad Pitt, Thom rebranding and generally just chattery.

    And then for a tender moment with Ed (poemreading and fun)- Also from the webcast:


    And to finish it of a great great moment. Thom and Jonny doing Faust Arp outside to the sunrise/sunset. And Jonny must be blue. I mean.. november in England... Brr! Those crazy artists.. hehe Beautiful moment!