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A group for fans of extreme and aggressive female fronted music.

Mainly punk, metal and industrial aimed group, but all types of music are welcomed, as long as it maintain an aggressive and/or extreme style to it! The purpose with this group is to help each other out to find new bands of this kind.

If this is something for you and you're into extreme music overall, then feel free to join.

Please have at least 5000 tracks played when applying so we can see what you taste is like, if it isn't already obvious!

Member approval is on, but please manually approve applicants by viewing their site to see if they seem to fit into the style of the group or not. It is not a genre specific group only, but we would like to see at least a general interest in the music this group is dedicated to.
(Generally, if your charts consist mainly of Evanescence, Within Temptation and the likes, there are better suited groups to join, as we at least would like to try to keep this group's charts somewhat related to the purpose of the group.)

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