• Play Lost!

    15. Jan. 2007, 16:43 von inkysplat

    Theres a huge new internet game called Lost, the idea is to invite as many people as possible. The person who invites the most people wins £500.

    To play go to:

    Its free to play, and you don't have to leave an email address.

    I'm curerntly listening to the The Fratellis (had to squeeze a tag in somewhere!)
  • 5,000 tracks played

    26. Dez. 2006, 16:43 von xTangox

    Ok, so now that I have played approx. 5,000 tracks (5,070 to be exact) I thought it would be cool to write something short about my top 10 overall artists, top 10 weekly artist & top 10 tracks and do it again when I've played 10,000 songs and then compare and see how my charts have changed over time. :)

    Overall Top Artists

    Anouk on top (185 tracks played) is no surprise for anyone I guess at least not for me. She's brilliant and although I've fallen in love with her just 6 months ago I would say she's my favorite female solo artist right now. :)
    Tori Amos on #2 is new. A while ago I've read about her in several forums & journals so I thought I should give her a try. I found out that I knew some songs of her before but didn't know that it's her (like Crucify). Her songs are great and I love her cover songs though I'm not a friend of covers but her interpretations are so different than the originals.
    The only bad thing: Her voice gets on my nerves on some songs. ;)
    Evanescence on #3 is one of my favorite bands, yes, but I think they will loose some positions next time cause I don't listen to their music that often. Just when I'm a bit depressive, moody & lonely. ;) The Open Door is a good album but somehow I like the older albums like Fallen & Origin more.
    The Kelly Family, Celine Dion & Hanson on #4-6... they were #2-4 on my old account (Tango_SO) in the exact same order. ;) I'm Kelly fan for 12 years, Celine Dion for 8 and Hanson for almost 10 years so it's not surprising to have them in my top 10. This year I was on 3 Kelly concerts (the first one in june after 3 1/2 years without any concerts) and on my b-day on January 3 will be next one and I'm very exited about it. Don't know why but the Kelly fever got me again. :D
    Hanson will release a new album next year (at least that's what I read somewhere). Hope it's going to be as good as their AIDS benefits song The Great Divide!
    Ana Johnsson (#7), Monrose (#8) and James Morisson (#9) will disappear soon I'm sure. Of course, I like the music but they are just in my top 10 right now cause I got their new/first albums and listened to them over and over the past 2-3 weeks.
    Terra Naomi is also at position #9 (there's no #10 this time). I found her name on jeffieee's profile here at The name sounded interesting so I googled her, found her official site and downloaded some older songs at her forums. I really liked what I heard especially cause most of the songs were acoustic songs and I LOVE acoustic songs! Unfortunately her newest album Virtually was sold out (6000 copies were sold) but luckily I found it on a site for download.
    She seems to be quite successful with youtube and myspace and hopefully she'll be even more successful in future. I think she has a great potential.

    Weekly Top Artists

    Well, regarding that I've played Terra Naomi 93 times and all other artists just 4-7 times there's not much worth mentioning. ;)

    Overall Top Tracks

    A lot of Monrose & James Morisson in my top "10" but they will move down soon, I'm sure. Though Your Love Is Right Over Me (#1) by Monrose is by far one of my favorite songs of them and maybe it won't move down that fast.
    Terra Naomi's Say It's Possible on #2 is not my favorite song of her but it was available for download on her official page so it was the first song I heard of her. My fave songs are Up Here, weight of air, Sunday's Best, Bright Sunny Day & Flesh For Bones I think.
    Crucify (#3) by Tori Amos is just great and will still be on my top 10 next time I'm sure.
    Here Without You by 3 Doors Down is one of my all time favorites! I love the lyrics, the voice, everything... :)
    All other songs are not worth mentioning...
  • Mainstream.

    24. Jul. 2006, 17:32 von beautyfadesx

    I stole this from someone, but I updated the average listener list to include this week's current Top 10 Overall Artists.
    The deal is, this thing determines how "mainstream" I am.

    1. List your top 10 artists and amount of listeners to each.
    01. Hole = 49,894
    02. Evanescence = 154,071
    03. Nirvana = 258,083
    04. Jack Off Jill = 21,198
    05. Tori Amos = 102,712
    06. AFI = 105,266
    07. Ani DiFranco = 46,004
    08. Veruca Salt = 11,902
    09. Placebo = 157,216
    10. Eminem = 184,726

    2. Add up the listeners: 1,079,170

    3. Divide by 10: 107,917

    4. The average listener on listens to: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, The Beatles, Coldplay, Muse, Death Cab for Cutie, Green Day, Nirvana, System of a Down, Pink Floyd. All those bands added up and divided by 10 equal: 264,652.4

    5. Take your score and divide by average. 0.41

    I'm 41% mainstream.

    I suppose this is an accurate representation of my mainstreamness (yes, it doth be a word if I say so) because when I think of "Mainstream" I think of artists who are played on the radio.
    I rarely listen to the radio anymore, but I've only ever heard 5 of my top 10 artists on the radio. Hole, Nirvana, Evanescence, AFI, and Eminem.
    Once (just once!) I heard Veruca Salt on the radio, during 97x's "90s lunchbreak" or whatever they did. I don't even know if they still do it, hehe.
    Actually, I never hear Hole on the radio though, anymore, I only remember them being on the radio when I was younger. So I don't know if they count for radio plays or not, but I don't think it matters.

    I guess the bottom line is: About half my top 10 are played on the radio, and I am a little less than half mainstream, judging by my top 10.

    Not that I think mainstream/not-mainstream matters in the slightest, but I was bored. =P

    note::sorry if I submitted this to a group who doesn't want this type of stuff submitted. ^_^
  • Download review

    13. Jun. 2006, 22:31 von inkysplat

    I went to Download Festival 2006.

    I'm not going to comment on the riots or state of the toliets

    I just thought i'd tell everyone about who I saw and what i thought.

    Friday I saw:

    Wicked Wisdom
    Everyone i know what expecting them to be rubbish. And some people on my camp were saying "they'll definately be boo'ed off stage". All I can say is they missed out on a great show to kick off the event. One of the songs the band played that seemed to get the crowd excited was Yesturday Don't mean shit today. However the crowd weren't enthuastic enough to start a mosh pit going. After the performance Will Smith who is married to Jada Pinkett Smith. Disapointing Will didn't say anything but came out to wave at the crowd and got us to cheer.

    They're a very interesting band anyways, I'd describe them as a heavy prog rock kind of band. Similar to Incubus if anything. I love the song Ode to the sun and they opened with that exact song. Interestingly there seemed to be quite a small crowd there that were all singing along. The performance for me was awesome, the singer kept moving around and danced around to the music. They also liked trashing their instruments too, and at the end of the last song the drummer kept drumming until they took his last symbol away. He then decided to bash the living hell out of the keyboard. It was awesome show very energetic.

    Coheed And Cambra
    I don't particularly know Coheed and Cambria that well and I wasn't particularly paying much attension tho I recall them playing Welcome Home. Which was about the only track i knew/reconized, and they performed it well with quite a large crowd on the main stage.

    I've never heard InMe before, never managed to find their albums on torrent to have a listen to. So i was curious to what they were like. What an awesome performance. The Snickers tent was packed, the crowd sang every word. I have to say I quite like InMe, just on the basis of their performance. I also got the impression the band were blown away by their reception and turn out.

    Emo music I know but for me theres something I like about Atreyu's sound. Its heavier than usual emo music, and i believe a few mosh pits started. I listened to a couple of songs left the tent, as i was starting to get irritated by the amount of 14yr old emo kids that had turned up.

    So I only saw a few acts on the Friday, but i made up for it on Saturday.

    I can't say i was blown away, their performance was "okay". I hadn't heard of Down before. It was just generic heavy metal from what I recall. Tho i was looking for a friend through most of their performance.

    I only saw half of their performance and again i wan't impressed. I left half way through to locate the screen for the football, and to try some Brother's Cider. However i heard a rumour later that Satyricon left mid-set because they were unhappy with the sound of their instruments. Not sure how true this is. Anyone want to explain that one then comment!

    Arch Enemy
    Enemy! chanted the crowd. Great performance they opened with Nemsis, the blonde female singer was head banging the whole time. Such a great performance. Some true Metal at last! A big turn out aswell. One of the best act's of the day for me.

    They were only playing on the small Myspace/Gibson tent, but when i arrived at the tent there were only a small group sat down watching Manic, then the tent seemed to fill from no where, obviously i wasn't the only one who took a shine to Flyleaf. The performance was simply electric the lead guitarist with long black hair and bigger chops than me was a complete nutter. Jumping and spinning around, even jumping off the speaks and amps on stage. They started with a few mellow numbers from their album then had to stop due to problems with one of guitars weren't sounding right. However lead singer (not sure of name) managed to improvise and introduced each member of the band. She explained they were a small Texas band that still perform in a garage, and live in a small community. She then played So I thought and explained the inspiration for the song. Which was to do with the shootings of two christian girls, and she ended in a slightly cheesy but touching "stand up for your beliefs" moral. They finished with I'm so sick". During the performance the female singer would drop to the floor gracefully during the heavier parts and would rise again to sing her lines. What a great show! I seriously think they could go all the way over here in the UK.

    Billy Talent
    How can you not like Billy Talent? They're soo catchy, and their music is very punk. There was for soem reason i guy throwing Billy Talent badges into the crowd, sounds safe with safety pins. Anyways great performance. Enjoyable start to finish, they ended with one of my favourite tracks too Try Honest. I'm gonna keep an eye on Billy talent, an it wouldn't suprise me to see them playing the main stage next year.

    Secret Machines
    There must have been 50 people in the snickers tent for them. Thats probabliy two things, a) people preferred Trivium on the main stage, or b) they'd never heard of Secret Machines. However some way through the performance quite alot of people came to see them. I was quite looking forward to seeing this band, due to the highly ambient and prog rock style. They used lots of smoke effects, and there were a few of us who were happily singing along. They opened with Alone, Jealous and Stoned one of my favourite tracks off of the Ten Silver Drops, they then played a b-side off the album which i couldn't reconize for the life of me. Then disapointingly someone off stage pointed to his watch and spoke to the guy on keyboard. They then told the crowd this was their last song because their songs are too damned long. So they only played 3 songs for their set, and depressingly for me, i was hoping fo them to play Lightning Blue Eyes instead they finished with Daddy's in the doldrums. So a huge let down for me, as Lightning Blue Eyes is a favourite of mine.

    I then headed back to the main stage to have a look at Korn and Metallica the headlining acts for the night. However when Korn were introduced they came on and gathered around a Mic to tell the crowd that Jon Davis (lead singer) had been hospitalized and was unable to play the show. However they said they still planned to perform tonight, and they had spoken to a few of the guys who had played sets eariler in the day, and have managed to get a few people to sing in place of Jon. The crowd then enjoyed a rather celebrity packed show instead. With Cory from Slipknot/Stone Sour, Dez from DevilDriver, Jesse from Ten Years, Benji and Skindred, Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold, and Matt from Trivium. Cory performed the most of the Korn songs such as Clown, Freak, and Blind. For me i thought Benjo from Skindred did a very good performance, his voice was well suited for the songs.

    The korn set finished early, however Metallica were late on if i recall. Now I was a bit of a Metallica skeptic before i went, i didn't wan't to buy into the whole Metallica are the daddy thing. And i thought some of their stuff was over rated. I had only listened to Master of puppets which i thought was an amazing album, but based on Ride the lightning which i thought was crap album and i made the assumption that Master of puppets was a one off. Then just before the festival i got Black, there were a few tracks on this album that i reconized. They were Nothing Else Matters and Unforgiven, and i love these two songs however I just assumed metallica being such a big band had such a vast catalog that these two songs were probabily the only two that stood out, until i got the Black. After the performance my opinion had totally changed of them. I am now a Metallica fan. They started with Creeping death and then later announced they were going to play the entire Master of Puppets Album for its 20th birthday. The crowd went wild. It was an awesome set. I loved the album anyway. Later they played One which i reconized but didn't know what it was called or what album it was from. Later they played the few tracks off of Black, such as Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, and Unforgiven. The whole thing kicked ass. Later in the encore they did Seek and Destroy, and a cover of a misfits song. It felt like Metallica enjoyed the show and soo did the crowd.

    Sunday brought on a lot of awesome bands too...

    I was going to see Evergrey but they were running late and i decided Dragonforce was a must see. I was only familar with a few Dragonforce songs such as Valley of dragons and Through the fire and flames, a great performance and it looked like the band were overwhelmed by the sheer number of people there. There was also alot of people in the crowd with plastic swords and knights helmets. However for me a small let down was that one of the guitars wasn't sound right, and the vocals couldn't be heard that well over the music.

    36 Crazyfists
    I sat in the grass waiting for In Flames to come on. I wasn't paying much attension tho it looks like the people who were there had a great time. Personally 36 Crazyfists wasn't my cup of tea.

    In Flames
    The sh*t is right here. This is what Metal is about. Some proper heavy metal with screaming and roaring. The performance was awesome, I also loved the lead singer's mention about the world cup. He was hoping England would win that way one Swede would at least touch the cup and then dedicated Take this life to Sven. He also took the piss out of the people on hill asked how the picnic was XD! Love it.

    Lacuna Coil
    I've only listened to Karmacode, and thought it was a cool album and the band had a unique sound. Somewhere between Evanesence and Nightwish i spose in terms of vocals. The live set tho was alot heavier than anticipated, which was cool. The guy behind me kept shouting "Get your tits out" which started to get on my tits after a while! They performmed some of their older stuff which i didn't know but they also performed alot of their new stuff off of Karmacode, such as Fragile, Our Truth,and finally Enjoy the Silence the Depeche Mode cover they will be releasing. Everyone was singing along to that one was an awesome performance and a song everyone knew even if they didn't know Lacuna Coil.

    Cradle of Filth
    This performance blew me away. Awesome start to finish. It was the first time ever seeing CoF and was blewn away and i thought Dani Filth was an awesome guy. They played all of my favourite songs Her Ghost in the Fog, Nymphetamine, and Cradle to Enslave Whats more their performance was made more interesting by the extras they had. Danny came on stage with a guy dressed in a golem like costume on a leash. Later they had a rather nice blonde lady swinging from drapes on top of the stage during Nymphetamine. On the last track a different girl with a metal plate on her chest was using a grinder to create sparks. The whole thing was also helped by Danny's sense of humour, quite a few bottles and random things were thrown at Danny and he just taunted the crowd saying "at least fu*cking hit me". He also made the crowd cheer over and over again until it was loud enough and then said "axl said to me if they don't cheer for you i'll going back on my plane to LA and rebraiding my hair along the way" which got a few chuckles.

    An unusual sound, its a combination of Drum'n'Bass/Reggae Rock and its not Ska-punkish either sa that combination might picture. The Myspace tent was packed there were people stood outside just listening. Benji was awesome and pushed the crowd to their limits, and to be fair the crowd was i think getting tired after 3 days, but he still pushed it so the crowd made noise. And even got them to sing-a-long. A very interesting band, and it wouldn't suprise me to see them do well in the UK top-ten charts because they would appeal to such a wide variety.

    The Euro-vision Rock Monsters were back again this year, I only had the chance to see a few tracks as I had to look for a friend and wanted to go see GnR. However I was hoping to hear Would you love a monster man? and Hard Rock Hallejuah, but i didn't get too. There were quite a few younger kids there in the audience tho, and because of the large number of people who had turned out, it was EXTREMELY hot in the tent.

    I used to like 'em before reading about them on Wikipedia. Axl Rose sounds like a complete tw*t. And he is. He threw a paddy because the stage was too slippery. Someone threw a bottle of piss at one of the guitarists, (from what i gather) he kicked into a camera man. After Sweet Child o'Mine the Guitarist apologized and said he was there for a good time and not to have bottles thrown at him. This was met with some boo'ing. And to be honest all the other bands that day too bottle throwing without much offence. For me the performance was ruined by Axl running of stage. I can just imagine him shouting at his PR backstage during guitar solos. Speaking of which there were too many guitar solos, 5minute solos before practically every song, was he trying to prove his new line up could play guitar as good as Slash? The show was even stopped midway through for technicans to carpet the slippery stage. All in all i was left rather disapointed and a bitter taste in my mouth from the performance. Lots of the crowd left aswell.

    Later that night the infamous Riots occured, anything to do with GnR's performance or just too many drunken yobbs? Then again 1988 GnR performed and two people were killed in a crush coincidence? Who knows.

    Comments welcome. Apologies for: Spelling Mistakes, Misinformation, or poor tagging. I had to write this in notepad due to firefox crashing.
  • What Music to play at work?

    16. Feb. 2006, 14:00 von inkysplat

    I work in a local pub, and most of the time the management put on some Mowtown Gold Collection. Which gets a little boring after a while. However when management aren't around, my colleagues decide to put on James Blunt(I will kill myself if i hear the album once more), and KT Tunstall, and Jack Johnson(occationally). To the point, yesturday Courtney (colleague) decided to put on some Kaiser Cheifs which caused a bit of a stir from the older customers and regulars. So it got us thinking at what music we could get away with as good background music in the pub.

    My personal favourites are Ben Folds, Death Cab for Cutie, Bloc Party as a suggestion. So what i'm asking for is; any suggestions for some cool background music that customers of all ages from students to oaps would like?

    TIG-TAG ColdplayBen Folds FiveBen FoldsDeath Cab for CutiePostal ServiceBloc PartyKaiser ChiefsJames BluntKT TunstallMowtownThe KillersRadioheadRolling StonesElton John
  • My 10,000th Track

    15. Feb. 2006, 20:01 von inkysplat

  • Personal Music History

    22. Okt. 2005, 11:15 von Funkafonik

    Here's my list of bands as I got to know them and became a fan of them. Obviously for the 0-10 ones, aside from Michael Jackson and John Williams' Star Wars/Indiana Jones soundtracks, the rest I got to know indirectly through radio and TV and mentioned them more as references/souvenirs than serious liking. Here it goes (more or less in order of liking):

    0-10 y-o (75-85)

    John Williams
    Michael Jackson
    Van Halen
    The Beatles
    The Eagles
    Ludwig van Beethoven
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
    80s Cartoons

    11-15 y-o (86-91)

    Extreme & Nuno Bettencourt
    Def Leppard
    Bon Jovi
    Guns 'N Roses
    Kingdom Come
    Stevie Ray Vaughan
    Joe Satriani
    Pearl Jam
    Alannah Myles
    Ozzy Osbourne & Zakk Wylde

    16-21 y-o (92-97)

    Dream Theater
    Steve Vai
    Primus & Les Claypool
    Big Wreck & Ian Thornley
    Saigon Kick
    Baby Animals & Suze DeMarchi
    The Offspring
    Harem Scarem
    Rage Against the Machine
    Iron Maiden
    The Tea Party
    The Cranberries
    Green Day

    22-27 y-o (98-03)

    Mourning Widows & Population 1
    Liquid Tension Experiment
    Planet X & Virgil Donati
    I Mother Earth
    Led Zeppelin
    Lucia Moniz
    Blues Saraceno
    Emerson, Lake and Palmer
    Tribe of Judah
    Michael Manring
    Jim Matheos
    Paco De Lucia
    Mr Bungle
    Porcupine Tree
    A Perfect Circle
    Spock's Beard

    newest favorites (04-now)

    Freak Kitchen & Mattias IA Eklundh
    Breaking Benjamin
    System of a Down
    Satellite Party
    Don Ross
    Kaki King
    Queens of the Stone Age
    Karma to Burn