Subterrestrial presents "Echotron" - ambient/lounge/exotica

  • Subterrestrial presents "Echotron" - ambient/lounge/exotica

    Subterrestrial presents Echotron a unique mix of deep ambient soundscapes and retro lounge/exotica tracks featuring analog synths and drum machines. The tracks are arranged like an LP with the ambient material on “Side A” while “Side B” features the more beat-oriented tracks. Depending on your musical interests you’re bound to enjoy at least one side of this “virtual LP,” maybe both? Free legal download!

    Download & Stream | release page

    Subterrestrial - ambient / downtempo / experimental music
    • Steher72 schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 26. Feb. 2013, 22:18
    Thanks for the download Link :-)

    When you like to listen Radio, then join to my I'm still listen to analogous Music and my Radio Hamburg group.

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