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A group dedicated to the enjoyment and progression of anti-music, non-music, noise, ethnomusic, and other outsider forms of sound. Become a member and reject the status quo. Join Difficult...

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Noise is the basis of music, the quanta of sound; varied to create chaos, or honed to create tradition. In the division of these spaces we intersect.

Noise as music; noise as concept; noise as instrument; noise as culture jam; noise as weapon; noise as death; noise as life

non-sequitur connection inchoate nature redundant spastic recurrence framboise

post-twitterscape criss-crossin the metamegaverses causin ghosts in the machinations

RIP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UbkpDHuYgs

All credit to the artist: John Olson

crazy is difficult

All credit to the artist: Suzy Poling (Pod Blotz)

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