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Degradead took their chance and went down to Gothenburg and recorded their debut “Til Death Do Us Apart” in IF Studios. The album was produced by a team calling themselves H.O.R.D.E, mixed and...

If Jesper Strömblad of IN FLAMES fame is labelling your debut album "The Future Of Metal" you've got to cope with high standards. But that was not the only praise DEGRADEAD got for their first album "Til Death Do Us Apart". They reached 10 x Dynamite in Germanys Rock Hard Magazine and were depicted: "Finally a group from Stockholm emerges again which stands firm to its roots and delivers us a fine bastard of old school tunes in the vain of Dimension Zero and modern chorusses a la Soilwork."

For their second album DEGRADEAD took the next step to carve further their very own path in the world of Death Metal tunes from Scandinavia. This time they went to Peter Tätgrens Abyss/Black Lounge Studios where they recorded their second album with Jonas Kjellgren (SCAR SYMMETRY, SONIC SYNDICATE, CARNAL FORGE). So be prepared for the first highlight of 2009, with "Out Of Body Experience" Degradead deliver another masterpiece of finest Melodic Death Metal - finding the perfect balance between Death, Thrash and catchy melodies, with their already very own signature.

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