Some Sweet Underground Stuff.

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    • 5. Jan. 2012, 21:50

    Some Sweet Underground Stuff.

    I thought I would take the time to name some artists from my Spotify playlist that plays deep house, lounge, and chill tracks. These are only deep house artists being listed. Many of them are underground, so I hope you're able to find some hidden gems like I did. Ive also added recommended tracks.

    My Spotify Playlist:

    Artists of Notice:

    Alex Kentucky--Million Pounds
    Aline Nunez--Smokey Jazz
    Anthony Bois--Vibraphone on the March
    Axel Boman--Holy Love
    Cyx--Deeper and Deeper
    Demarco Electronic Project--Cristales
    Dimitris Athanasiou--Nude Touch
    Fer Ferrari--Sunshine
    Festina Lente--Le Rouge
    The Disclosure Project--Cheeky Chops
    Harley & Muscle--How Deep Is Your Love?
    JP Philipe--She's A Godess
    Junior Lopez--Pure
    Linosaur--Said and Done
    Paronator--Morning Mist

    Music is subjective, so lighten the f*ck up and have some fun.
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