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Dance Department: The Best Beats To Go

Every once in a while a new discovery makes people smile and dance the night away...

I'm aware of the fact that every Wednesday, thousands of people from around the globe tune in when the most popular Dutch dance radio show 'Dance Department' releases its weekly podcast.

Every Saturday night, eight hours of the best dance records and DJ sets are making magic nationwide from 8pm to 4am CET, on Radio538, the #1 radio station in Holland.

Over one million listeners join me to celebrate the life, love, leisure and of course the best dance music on the planet.

Since the start in September 2005, the Dance Department podcast has been gaining popularity like crazy and is currently one of the top podcasts of the continent, with 2.5 million downloads and counting.

Dance Department makes a statement because we only play the finest dance music the world has to offer.

So join our weekly podcast and be inspired!

All the best,



Dance Department:

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