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Crocopeth, Fucking up alligators since '08 and beyond

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What is Crocopeth? Long time ago, back when the Gods still roamed the earth. They gathered together in the holy Watershed of Blackwater Park, with the desire to create perfect music. The going was tough, rigorous and many of the deities screamed out, "Damnation!" in frustration. Morningrise came, and from this divine collaboration, The Perfect Band. The music was as perfect and delicate as an Orchid, yet haunting like Ghost Reveries. The music resided in spirits, and had been passed down through musicians for generations. These spirits are now in Deliverance to the band Opeth. They have take the divine powers of Crocopeth, but under a false identity... Still Life will continue, as long as few remember this tale and keep it close to their hearts and pass it to their children. Ladies and gentlemen, what you have heard from Opeth, is truly from Crocopeth; the band of The Gods. Thus the story has been passed...

There has been varying discussion of Crocopeth's glory, these... blasphemers have eluded to this great being as an alligator. This simply is just not true. I shall give to thee the story... behind the picture:
Apparently the treaty set forth by the Crocs and Gators had been broken, the Gators attempted to proclaim themselves ruler of all amphibious reptiles and lead an assault against the Crocs. The Crocs were an unsuspecting victim and lead to many casualties. In turn the Crocs brought out their ultimate weapon, to place those inferior gators in their place. So Opeth mounted upon the back of The Great Croc to raid the alligator fortress in florida. The campaign was of course successful and they made it through unscathed, since the might of CrocOpeth is unmatched by any being in this universe. (Although it's rumored that Axenrot's leg got torn off in the slaughter, this is unknown, but in either account the grace of Crocopeth rejuvenated any wounds sustained.)

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