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    Recent changes in Google Music allow itunes libraries to be uploaded to the 'cloud.' should develop a way to scrobble from the Google cloud.

    Google Music (Play)

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    • 4. Jun. 2012, 20:23

    Google Music Scrobbler

    Actually, there is a way (at least the one I know) to scrobble from Google Music. Google Music Scrobbler It is a Google Chrome Add-on. There's also an app for iOS called Gmusic which allow you to scrobble and access your Google Music directly from your iPhone/iPod

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    I didn't know about the add-on. That's pretty neat. I'll give it a try. Unfortunatly, I don't have an iphone yet, but my android does scrobble from google music when I listen to it. I just had to install the app.

    I've recently discovered spotify (since i wrote the above post.) I'm having so much fun with that I'm not really that concerned about google music that much anymore, but thanks for the information.

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    • 12. Jul. 2012, 18:33


    Google Music is great!Scott D.

    • Stetting schrieb...
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    • 26. Nov. 2012, 0:33

    check it

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    • 10. Mär. 2013, 16:11



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    • eoporto schrieb...
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    • 23. Feb. 2014, 17:23
    Melodies app on iPhone and Scroblr in Safari. Chrome has plenty of plugins for this. I just wish there was a service that I could just connect OAuth for and OAuth for Google Play usic and just let them do their thing together.

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