• Contest: Describe and win 1 month subscriber

    17. Jan. 2012, 17:20 von tburny

    Hi everyone,
    to me it is quite clear what is.
    But: What is for you? How would you describe it?

    I always have some difficulty explaining the purpose of to new users, so I thought I'd do a contest. Often people think it's a separate service in competition with, rather than understand that it should help users get more out of radios.

    The prize:
    1 month free subscription for the winner.

    The task:

    Imagine a normal user, let's call him John, who has scrobbled over a thousand tracks and listened to the radio from time to time.
    Now you discovered a while ago and have got to know it a bit.
    Your task is to describe to John - so he starts using it :)

    The contest ends on 2012-02-29 (29th February 2012).

    Post your ideas texts as comments here and win :)

    The legal stuff: I choose who wins, with the help of other users. The Legal recourse is excluded. I may put the winning text on the homepage (with attribution if you wish). This contest is NOT by itself.
  • is great - plays tracks I never played yet

    24. Apr. 2011, 13:28 von Erkan-Yilmaz


    as Tecfan states: "the best thing ever"
    so far I agree :-) The winning argument for me is:
    that it plays tracks I never played yet here at

    I combined two tags (played each already a few times with + ) and all tracks so far are tracks I never played, awesome :-)

    traps I ran into:
    - combine tags with OR and not AND, otherwise it won't play anything
    Tecfan states AND is useful for mainstream music, it finds songs that have both tags

    tburny tells: pull "Mainstream" to the far left + it gives you totally unknown tracks

    thanks to Tecfan + alyxuk over whom I discovered this

    these were the tracks:

    Woo Ing Ing - Ming Yue Qian Li Ji Xiang Si
    Huang Ling - Yi Nan Wang
    Yi Min - Chun Man Ren Jian
    Yeh Feng - Wo Wang Bu Liao Ni
    Yao Lee - Zi Ding Xiang(Dian Ying"Nai Ge Bu Duo Qing"Cha Qu)
    Rebecca Pan - Re Qing De Yan Jing
    Zhou Xuan - Peach Blossoms Of Longhua
    Woo Ing Ing - Feng Liu Zhai
    Hsia Tan - Gang Zhen Wu Qu
    Zhang Lu - Ling Ding Xiao Niao Ye Ye Ti
    Grace Chang - Hu Die Fu Ren