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Independant Christian music and independant music by Christians; covers the obscure, underrated, unique, and just plain awesome genres.

Spurgeon's General Warning:
Pigeonholing music based on the views of its creators can be hazardous to your artistic integrity. This group is about making connections and broadening perspectives on music, not drawing lines around what should and should not be listened to or glorifying mediocre art simply because of its good intentions. The damage that religious labeling has done is apparent through the scorn universally afforded "Christian" music, and can be discussed at length in the forums of the "'Christian' is not a Genre!" group. The Christian Indie group is devoted to spreading awareness of artists who express their faith, explicitly or implicitly, through the creation of unique, unexpected, and artistically relevant music, and whose art inspired others to look at the life, work, ministry, and message of Jesus Christ in new ways.

Suggestions for more artists/labels/links to add much encouraged.

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