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For fans of Christian Black Metal & Black metal fans who also like Christian Black Metal. Also called CBM, Unblack Metal and Black metal. This group is named as such to serve as a searchable resource.

Why darkness in music? Why Black metal? God is present even in the darkness. He rules both the darkness and the light. As humans we spend a lot time in the darkness with sickness, nasty people and troubles but this is no vacation from God. He is with us. So while we sit on a pile of dung with nothing left like the man Job in the Bible, we have this Black metal that speaks of the pain of existence but gives us hope and of course we have God. Justice will come, the light will come.

Why such distortion, fast tempo and shrieking? Is screaming and making extreme music Godly? The Bible says "Praise him with clanging cymbals; praise him with loud clashing cymbals!" Psalms 150:5

Why is it called Christian Black Metal? Black metal can be about many things besides darkness, it can be about harsh nature conditions, worshipping darkness or nature, anti-religion or simply about nothing. However, it also can be about Christianity and even other religions. This group is called Christian Black Metal so people who search Last.FM can find this type of black metal resource. The work is done for them and one does not have to sift through each band's lyrics and its meanings.

All black metal is controversial and it's dark. Christian black metal is both. So, don't get hung up on the labels. This group is not about labels or making judgement calls (that goes for Christians too). It is about the music & the message. So relax and just listen. In case you didn't know, there is a lot of it to listen to, so get busy and enjoy. All are welcome.
LizzyVISION <\m/><

MASTER PLAYABLE LIST OF CHRISTIAN BLACK METAL BANDS! All bands are Christian black metal and with playable links unless otherwise stated. After listening on each band's myspace, click on the left hand corner of this site in the "Connections" link to see the band's profile. Not all bands have playable links on this is why there is this list.

A Hill To Die Upon (Illinois, USA) (Black/Death)
Abdijah (Poland) (Raw Black)
Ad Gloriam (Tennessee, USA) (Raw Black)
Admonish (Sweden) (Melodic Black)
Agathothodion (Illinois, USA)
Almagor (Chile)
Angel 7 (Ukraine) (Black/Power)
Ancient Plague (United Kingdom; Puerto Rico) (Black/Ambient Dark)
Amorém (Denmark) (Blackened death/thrash)
Anerhoth (Columbia) (Black/Folk)
Antestor (Norway) (Melodic Black)
Arch of Thorns (USA)
Aristaeus (Oklahoma, USA) (Black/Ambient)
Armageddon Holocaust (Indonesia) (Black/thrash)
Arvinger (Norway) (Black/Folk/Viking)
Azmaveth (Puerto Rico) (Black/Death)
Azbuk (Brazil)
Bealiah (Indonesia)
Bedeiah (Arizona, USA)
Beeroth (Mexico)
Bellor (Kentucky, USA)
Bleakwail (Florida, USA)
Bleedience (Norway) (Black/Death)
Blood Covenant (Armenia)
Bloodwork (United Kingdom)
Borgazur (Netherlands)
Cabalistic (North Carolina, USA)
Ceremonial Sacred (Brazil)
Corvidae (Mexico)
Covered by His Blood (Australia)
Crimson Moonlight (Sweden)
Cromleh (Romania)
Dark Endless (USA)
Dark Lay Still(California, USA) (Black/ Death/core)
Dark Procession (Indiana, USA)
Day of Ascension (Connecticut, USA)
Déborah (Mexico)
Demoniciduth (Switzerland)
Destroyer of Lie (Ukraine) (Black/Death)
Devotam (Brazil)
Diamoth (Chile)
Dynamon Dark (Brazil)
Divine Symphony) (Brazil)
Dormant (Netherlands)
Drottnar (Norway) (Black/Bunker/Avant Garde)
Dusk (Italy)
Dying Blaze (Ukraine)
Ecthirion (Finland) (Black/Death/Orchestral)
Élan (Connecticut, USA)
Elgibbor (Poland) (Raw Black)
Enshrouding (Canada)
Erasmus (Tennessee, USA)
Eulogium (Texas, USA)
Evroklidon (Ukraine)
Exaudi (Germany) (Black/Gothic)
Exegesis (Columbia)
Exultet (Italy) (Black/Folk)
Far Beyond (Germany) (Black/Melodic/Gothic)
Fearscape (Austrailia) (Black/Progressive)
Fire Throne (Poland) (Raw Black)
Flaskavsae (Illinois, USA)
From Ashes (Finland)
Frost Like Ashes (Wisconsin, USA) (Black/Death)
Frosthardr (Norway)
Gaoth Anair (Netherlands) (no plays)
Geistkrieg (California, USA) (Black/Death)
Glaciial (Illinois, USA)
Glamdring (South Carolina, USA)
Golgota (Equador)
Golgotha (Iowa, USA)
Grave Declaration (Norway) (Black/Death)
Grave of Pride (Ukraine) (Black/Death) (no plays)
Hawthorn (Brazil)
Heztael Tyrot (Oklahoma, USA) (Black/Ambient)
Holy Blood (Ukraine) (Black/Folk)
Horde (Austrailia)
Horrific Majesty (Alabama, USA) (no plays)
Hortor (Mexico)
Immortal Souls (Finland)
Ira Divina (Brazil)
Kibroth Hattaavah (California, USA)
La Chambre Ardente (France)
Last Battle (Ukraine) (Black/Death)
Lengsel (Norway)
Light Shall Prevail (Illinois, USA)
Lo-Ruhamah (Missouri, USA) Black/Death
Keber (Paraguay) (no plays)
Kekal (Indonesia) (Black:earlier albums "only")
Malak (Germany)
Margorium (Brazil)
Martiis Nocturnem (California, USA)
Mefiboseth (Honduras)
Mordecai (Finland)
Milhamah (unknown) (no plays)
Morgenroede (Norway) (Black/Death)
My Darkest Time (Macedonia) (Black/Death/Dark Ambient)
Nazareo (Equador)
Nocturnal Faith (Panama)
Nordic Wolves (Peru)
Occult Mourn (Brazil)
Offerblod (Sweden)
Opus Majestic (USA) (Black: 1st 3 albums only)/Industrial/Ambient)
Parakletos (Finland)
Phanerosis (Equador)
Pilgrimage (SVK) (Slovakia)
Poems of Shadows (Brazil)
Rising Hour (Austin, TX) (no plays)
Sanctifica (Sweden) (Black/Death/Avant Garde)
Seregost (Nevada, USA)
Serenade in Darkness (Brazil)
Shadows of Paragon (Sweden) (Black/Death)
Slechtvalk (Netherlands) (Black/Viking/Death)
Sorrowstorm (Panama, Republic of Panama; Washington, USA) (Raw Black)
Soterion (Brazil)
Stronghold (Norway)
Suspiria Profundis (Italy) (no plays)
Swine Suicide (Tennessee, USA & the United Kingdom)
Sylvan Fortress (California, USA)
The Synics Awakening (Pennsylvania, USA)
Synnove (Austraiia) (Black/Death later album)
Thusiasterion (Argentina)
Trastorno (Venezula)
Usynlig Tumult (Ukraine)
Vaakevandring (Norway) (Melodic)
Vaande (Norway)
Vardøger (Norway)
Veil torn (Brazil) (Black/Death/Thrash)
Verwustung (Russia)
Vinterfjørden (Virginia/Maryland, USA)
Vikarbyrgi (USA)
VIXIVI (Norway)
Vociferor (USA)
Warfrozen (USA)
Willow Mount (Tennessee, USA)
Winter's Dawn (United Kingdom)
Winterkou (Netherlands) (Doomed Black)
Wintersoul (Wisconsin, USA)
Worshiper (Brazil)
Wrathful Plague (Illinois, USA)

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