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Group for the fans of the most underrated top-10 Heavy Metal Guitar Virtuoso in the world, David T. Chastain.

David T. Chastain is an American Guitar Wizard, composer and record producer, and owner of Leviathan Records and Diginet Music. Bands David T. Chastain played in:
Spike 1973-1984 - Heavy Metal. Other members: Mike Skimmerhorn (Vocas, Bass), Les Sharp (Drums), Denny Kuller (Bass, Vocals). Albums: The Price of Pleasure (1983), The Forum Sessions (Live 1984)
CJSS 1984-2000 - Heavy/Speed/Prog Metal. Other members: Russel Jenkins (Vocals), Mike Skimmerhorn (Bass), Les Sharp (Drums). Albums: World Gone Mad (1986), Praise the Loud (1986), Kings of the World (2000)
Chastain 1984-2004 - (Female Fronted) Heavy/Prog Metal. Other members: Leather Leone (Vocals, later replaced by Kate French), Dave Starr (Bass), Larry Howe (Drums). Albums: Recordings Demo '85, Mystery of Illusion (1985), Ruler of the Wasteland (1986), The 7th of Never (1987), Voice of the Cult (1988), For Those Who Dare (1990), Sick Society (1995), In Dementia (1997), In an Outrage (2004)
David T. Chastain 1987-2007 - Neo-Classical Instrumental/Progressive Metal/Rock Fusion. Other members: Steven Taylor (Bass), Mike Haid (Drums). Albums: Instrumental Variations (1987), Within the Heat (1989), Elegant Seductions (1991), Live Wild and Truly Diminished! (1992), Next Planet Please (1994), Acoustic Visions (1998), Rock Solid Guitar (2001), Guitar Master (2001), Guitar Master (2002), Prisoner of Time (2005), Countdown to Infinity (2007)
Zanister 1997-2001 - Classic Heavy Metal. Other members: Michael Harris (Guitar), Brian Sarvela (Vocals), James Martin (Bass), Brian Harris (drums). Albums: Symphonia Millenia (1999), Fear No Man (2001)
Other Need more info about these bands: Georgia Blues Dawgs, The Cincinnati Improvisational Group, Ruud Cooty and Southern Gentlemen.
He also played on some of Michael Harris' solo albums and Corbin King's albums.

Similar bands: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Grave Digger, Running Wild, Agent Steel, Anvil, Metal Church, Warlord, Attacker…

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  • whiteravenmetal

    yeah awesome group, CHASTAIN \m/

    4. Jul. 2011 Antworten
  • Manowar1

    Fans of Chastain and Spike: Go to the Spike band page and vote against that idiot rapper's pictures, and vote for the original Spike photo.

    11. Apr. 2009 Antworten
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