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Derived from the Old English word for “Executioner”, their moniker could not be more appropriate. It’s a word that reeks of death and destruction from the Dark Ages to describe a fierce, dark death metal band. It’s hard to imagine that San Diego, known for its white sand beaches and endless sunny days, is also home to the brutal beat down that is Carnifex.

2008 sees the release of their highly anticipated second album ‘The Diseased And The Poisoned’, with a UK tour set to be announced for the end of the year.

On November 28, 2009, Carnifex finished recording their third full length album Hell Chose Me, which lead to its release on February 16, 2010.

The group played the 2010 Summer Slaughter Tour in support of the album and toured with Unearth, All That Remains and As I Lay Dying in September 2010.

The latest album "Hell Chose Me"

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