Born in 1993, I like indie-alternative-classic rock etc.

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Group for people interested in broadly defined indie, alternative and classic rock music. Its purpose is to unite people close in age and allow them to discuss and share their favourite music.

This group is for open-minded people who actually like to discuss music, are close in age and want to share and spread good music around the world ^_^

Don't worry if 1993 isn't your birth year as long as you are close in age. The group name makes it look pretty restrictive, don't let it mislead you. It's just a name. Take a look at our charts and connected artists and you'll have the idea what it's all about.

Remember, the group is here to entertain you. If you want to keep it active - take part in our forum discussions and games. Start your own if you want. We're open for all nice ideas and suggestions.

Inviting your friends here isn't a bad idea. Actually, it's a GREAT idea. More people = more discussions = more fun.

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