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For the great Electro-Punk Kid fans!

NEW SINGLE - Anti You - OUT NOW!!!

Bret wasn’t your typical Electro-Punk Kid. It’s apparent from the moment you meet him that something is different. He’s one of those rare artists that drips creativity through the arrangement of marshmallows in his morning cereal. By morning I mean 4:00 a.m. and by cereal I mean music. He has an unquenchable hunger for melody, rhythm & ear candy, which exudes from him in all facets of life.

Bret’s background has left its mark – something that has sent him on a search to appease his demons, to create an escape that only music could provide. “When I first started making music, I literally did it to stay alive. That hasn’t changed” – Bret. From playing guitar in a drag queen fronted punk band to DJing for fetish burlesque troupes, his circuit-tattooed arms and pink-dyed hair make Bret stand out on every level.

In the fall of 2007 Bret packed up his car with nothing but a few items of clothing, musical gear, and a body suspension/burlesque performer. With no backup plan whatsoever, he left behind family and friends, and hit the road cross country for the opportunity to make music at a new level. The result? – a residence under the wing of Klayton at Celldweller Studios, and a deal with Klayton’s indie label FiXT.

The risk has paid off with a reward – the sound of what has now become known as Blue Stahli. Described as a schizophrenic collision of noisy guitars, edgy electronics and sensual vocals that form the bipolar soundtrack to underground dancefloor lust and aftermath. Blue Stahli is something bigger than just zeros and ones on your iPod, something more real – Blue Stahli is the escape...

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