Black Drawing Chalks

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Gegründet am: 26. Jul. 2009
Banda Goiana Brasileira, Black Drawing Chalks.

Criada no início de 2004, a banda goiana Black Drawing Chalks é formada por:

Denis de Castro - Dirty Bass
Douglas de Castro - Drum Machine
Victor Rocha - Violent Guitar/Hipnotic Vocals
Renato Cunha - Sexy Guitar/Sweet Back Vocals

A Black Drawing Chalks, mistura influências adquiridas por todos da banda até chegar num som cru e prazeroso de se “tocar”. Com letras em inglês,a banda deixa de lado mensagens profundas, e explora muito mais, a sonoridade com altas performances.

We could easily say that The BLACK DRAWING CHALKS are the most incredible band ever, we’ll be lying. They’re just awesome… The kind of music that you make when you got 20 years old, when everything is just fine, when you just need money for beer and try to pick many girls as possible.

If I could describe them in few words, I could say that… MUSIC TO DRINK AND FUCK. Apart from being the band that they are, some of them are talented graphic artists… Their favorite theme? Drink and fuck.

What else we could say? Let’s drink and fuck listening Black Drawing Chalks.

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