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The last.fm based community of AGM.com. For the staff and our readers.

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“Avant-garde” is the French term for “advance guard” or “vanguard”. It refers to people who venture into the unknown. Sometimes they find the shining shores of the future there, the visions and ideas of tomorrow. Sometimes they get lost in the forests of insanity, in the whirls of chaos and confusion. But it’s always new worlds that they discover. Sometimes the avant-garde of today will become the mainstream of tomorrow. But most avant-garde will always remain absurd and strange to the masses.

This website is dedicated to the pioneers of metal, to those bands and musicians who incorporate new and innovative elements into metal, who break conventions, tear down walls, violate borders. They build new worlds. They surprise.

Magazines in .pdf:

Your thoughts, comments and suggestions are always warmly welcomed in our forum The Freak Zone or per e-mail or on the board of this last.fm group you are browsing. Thank you for reading!
For further information, reviews and interviews, please visit our site at www.avantgarde-metal.com!

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