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Do you hate emos? Are you sick of seeing the same bullshit hairstyles and hearing the same whiny "emotional music" everywhere you look? If so, you're one of us, so feel free to join!

As you can see, we're mostly a metal-based group, but don't feel left out if you aren't into metal! Fans of any other genre (excluding emo) are welcome to join.


We Want Freedom - Do you long to be free? Join us if so.
The Fury - Angry? Vent your rage here!
Anti-Green Day - Hate Green Day? Then join us!
Burn Hollywood Down - Hate Hollywood and its attention-whoring ways? Then join this group!
Frisbee Golfers Unite - Frisbee golfer? Join this group if so!
French is NOT the Greatest Language in the World - Agree? Then join this group!
D.G.A. - Distinctive Grumbling Association - Love grumbling? Join this group if so!
Lolcats - LOLCATS!!! Who doesn't love 'em?
So I herd u liek mudkipz? - For the mudkip lovers of Last FM!

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