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A group for fans of lovely Andrea Corr!

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Andrea Jane Corr, (born May 17, 1974) is the lead singer of Irish pop-rock band The Corrs and an actress. Although her voice is her greatest instrument, she also plays the tin whistle for the band. The Corr siblings were awarded honorary MBEs in 2005 by Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of their musical talents and their charitable work which raised money for Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, victims of the Omagh Bombing, and other charities.
Andrea has recorded her first solo album entitled Ten Feet High. The album, which was released in the third week of June 2007, is produced by Nellee Hooper and executive produced by U2's Bono. Besides singing, she's also playing the piano. Eleven tracks are penned by Andrea herself, except for one, which is a cover of Squeeze's "Take Me I'm Yours". June 3rd saw the first single being aired on radio across the Republic of Ireland.

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