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Amoral (1997-) is a metal band from Helsinki, Finland.

Amoral (1997-) is a metal band from Helsinki, Finland. They play technical, progressive, melodic, hardrock oriented metal.

Amoral has performed extensively in bars, clubs, festivals and other venues in Finland, Europe, and Japan. Amoral released Beneath in the US via The End Records in February 2012.

Most unique sound having band ever and so underrated.
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Ben Varon - Guitar
Ari Koivunen - Vocals
Masi Hukari - Guitar
Juhana Karlsson - Drums
Pekka Johansson - Bass


Wound Creations (2004), Spikefarm
Decrowning (2005), Spikefarm
Reptile Ride (2007), Spikefarm
Show Your Colors (2009), Spinefarm
Beneath (2011), Imperial Cassette
Beneath (US) (2012), The End Records

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