All artists change their style over time. Get over it.

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If you share this group URL over AIM or similar things, and it doesn't work, tell the other person to add a period at the end of the URL. Honestly I hate computers sometimes >.<

To all the people complaining that a band has "sold out" or "changed" - stfu.

If you want to hear the same album for 20 years, put their first album on repeat for the rest of your life. (See: "Sold Out")

As for the rest of us, we openly embrace a band's change in style from one album to the next. If so, this is the group for you.

Have an artist [or streamable track] that fits this description? Tell me and I will add it!


Gentle Change

Wind of Change

Change of Heart


Change (In the House of Flies)


Victim of Changes

Roll with the Changes

A Change of Seasons

Season of Change

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