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Dark - Electro - Industrial - Ambient label from Slovakia.

Aliens Production was created in year 2005 after many cooperations with labels and contribution on releases as co-publishers we have decided to go our own way and to introduce to worldwide scene Slovak and Czech underground, that produces by our opinion creative and modern electro music. Our label is slowly breaking through world that is called dark electro, or similar orientated styles of electronic transformations. Soon we have gathered under our shield quite decent names and releases from the projects like: dISHARMONY, FRONTIER GUARD, GAPING CHASM, ANHEDONIA, OXYD, SAMHAIN, LAST INFLUENCE OF BRAIN and hot dark colossusAMBIGUOUS, that in these days releases their debut album STONE CROSS. We're slowly getting into distributional companies worldwide and our releases are always moving in limited editions and interesting packages. This year the structure and drift in publishing has got into situation that our base has grown internationally and the future is open for new faces and foreign names that will surely bring excellent contribution into our activities and open new horizons for the fans of alternative electronic music. We have planned new releases of projects: STRUCTURAL FAULT, MIKTEK, IN A MINDSET, SEC 1nine13, so in Slovak stations will flow new german-argentinian-greek-american blood... Our activities are concentrating on graphic design of covers itself and preparing for releasing cds, but also on propagation web sites and final mastering of releases, so our possibilities could be described as complete preparation for releasing not only of interprets in our electro family.

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